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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Update on Clay's injury

A report from Clayngel:

I was in the front row and Clay was kicking butt tonight! He had so much energy and seemed like he was having a lot of fun. The guard scene with Herbert was hysterical and Clay was making all of these funny faces and being totally crazy. When he fell it seemed a little different than usual but not in a bad way. Two of the McVargas' were next to me and Jess and I both noticed that he was moving around a lot when he was supposed to be "dead." Then when he got up to go offstage he was wincing and seemed to be limping. We were all set for him to come on for the coconut dance, but he didn't enter with the other knights. Jess and I just looked at each other and we knew it wasn't good. Clay walked on separately after the dance part but was limping pretty badly. He didn't skip as Brother Maynard either. Jess and I were like in tears we were so worried because he just looked like he was in pain and he wasn't putting any pressure on his foot. He smiled and danced as best as he could and seemed like he was doing as much as he could to get through the rest of the show.

We were pretty sure that there wasn't going to be a stage door and at first there weren't even any barricades set up. They were put up a little later, but still didn't think he would come out. After a few minutes Jerome came outside and when a fan asked him if Clay was ok he said no. That certainly didn't make me feel any better! He went on to say that even though he wasn't a doctor it appeared that Clay sprained his ankle so he wouldn't be doing the SD and he said he hoped he'd be able to tomorrow.
Jess, Kristen and I saw Clay leaving the theater and he was walking on his own but definitely limping. He appeared to be in some pain, but it didn't look as serious as it did on stage, so hopefully it's a minor sprain or he may have just twisted it. I'm still really worried about him, but hoping for the best. I'm supposed to go to the show tomorrow, but I have a feeling he might be out for the next few days. Keep sending postive thoughts his way! Love you Clay!!


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