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Sunday, October 19, 2008

BAF Challenge for Change Gala Auction

Can you say "Where have you been all of my life?" This is just one of the photos which was converted to a mirror and went into the Gala Auction from ATDW photos. I have never seen this one, have you?

How does this one work for you? It is another one I do not remember seeing but I sure do appreciate them bringing it out of the moth balls for us to enjoy.

I do not know yet how much the ATDW photos went for or how much they made on the raffle tickets or the silent Auction.

I do know that the lady that won the 32" TV told Clay she would trade it for a kiss. Kiss received and I think she got the TV as well.

He really does look like he just doesn't want to part with his "Clay Bust" present from Jimmy Kimmel, his #1 fan.

There was a real bidding war for this one, but because Clay wouldn't go with it, sorry Karen, Spooky got it for $55,000. You are lucky I wasn't there, LOL.

Joe the Auctioneer asked if he could sit on the stool, and Clay said "Sure, if you want to but it might decrease the value." One the stool was won, he autographed it again for the person.

He thought we felt the shirt was one of the ugly ones, my goodness was he wrong, I would have bid much more for that one, honest, well if I had the money.

It is incredible that Clay still fits into the shirt he wore on American Idol 2 the night he sang "Someone Else's Star". I am so happy for Spooky winning another piece of Clay's clothing. He even sang to her and you can find that video at Clack Unlimited, it is so moving.

The beautiful thing about this one is that Karen from Oklahoma bought this bear for $17,000 at the Broadway Cares auction and turned around and gave it back to Clay at Spamalot so he could resell it for the Gala. Well, Karen bought it back for $31,000. Very touching Karen, you are one in a million for sure!!

Some other notes about the Auction:

The Voice Mail to be left on your machine by Clay went for $3,700

The box seats which included you and nine of your friends along with Clay and his guests to see the Celine Dion concert in January. It went for $26,000. You guys are going to have a ball.

The 2 tickets to Spamalot along with dinner with Clay went for $36,000. I think this included the NYC package.


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