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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We Have Winner's Report

Yeah, Zippy888 has an exciting story about her luck with the raffle tickets for the Champions for Change Gala 2008. Here it is as reported on the Clayboard. Congrats Zippy, you so deserve this after all the wonderful Clack you have provided us with over the years.

Hello everyone! Here's my recap from the Gala event. Yes, I'm still on . I purchased 3 raffle tickets at $20 each and decided to put all 3 tickets in the drum for the autographed hockey jersey. When the time came for the hockey jersey to be raffled off, Clay called out for his mum to come up on stage to draw the ticket. While Clay was spinning the drum, a ticket "spat" out accidentally. He picked it up and dropped it back into the drum and proceeded to rotate the drum a couple more times. Then, Faye drew the raffle ticket.

I held my breath. Then, I heard my ticket number drawn. I had memorized the 3 ticket nos. before and then passed the tickets to my mum to look after as clayheaven (my sis) and I were busy taking clack. Of course, when the winning ticket was announced, I gasped and looked at my sister with wide eyes. I was sure I had won and when my mum stuck up her hand to give me the winning ticket, we were jumping around in our little area at the back of the room.

I proceeded to go up to the stage area and it took a while as I had to meander amongs the tables, chairs and people. I still had my camera around my neck. Finally, got to the front row of tables and Clay announced that he didn't have the prize on stage. So, I stopped and was thinking if I should return back to my seat. Then, our eyes locked 'cos he said, "Oh, it's you!" Then, he told me and motioned me to come on up.

I was in an Aiken fog. I didn't go up on stage but stood beside the stage instead and handed him my ticket for verification. I don't know why I stuck out my hand but it was an instinctive action on my part. He then said something like "Good idea! Let's verify the ticket, Mom!" Faye verified it and it was all good!! Yay! He then handed me the ticket back and then........he bent down while still on stage to give me a HUG!! OMG!!

I was surprised when he gave me a hug and I hugged back. He then patted me on my shoulder blades and I did the same. It was so good to be in his arms. He smells really clean and is really lean. I can feel his bones. I was in an Aiken fog. Gosh, I love Clay Aiken! I collected my beautiful hockey jersey in a shadow box and managed to transport it home with me on the plane.


Sandy said...

What a great recap Zippy; it was just wonderful. OMG the hug at the end. Sighhhhh


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