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Monday, September 03, 2007

Clay's Picture Perfect Tours: Part 2 - Independent Tour

Clay's 2nd tour, the Independent Tour, was a tour with Kelly Clarkson. It was the first tour I had ever gone to, and I remember hearing Clay start singing Kyrie but not knowing where he was. I remember my stomach was tied in knots, and then I saw him! Coming down the aisle to the left side of me. All 6'1" of him in all his beauty! I was beyond excited. It was like, "Yes Jan, there is a Clay Aiken!!" Sounds crazy, but that's how it felt.

Its the first time many of us saw Clay Aiken live on stage. Maybe the pictures below can help you remember that feeling and what it was like. Notice the last 4 pictures. This was when Clay was singing Measure of a Man and got so choked up because all of the audience was singing along and knew the words. I remember him saying that it hit him while he was listening to the fans that those people were listening to him in their cars and in their CD players. They knew the words to his song. Then, check out the YouTube video. Its the same song and you can watch Clay as he gets choked up over the fans singing his song.

Some of the memories that Rainlover at The Clayboard has of this tour is

The entrance thru the audience to "Kyrie" and, at the last concert, the exit thru the audience to "The Way". Not to mention the first WDC.
Ineedaclaybotomy said she remembers from the Independent Tour:
Standing as best I could on wobbly knees in the middle of the frenzied crowd when the first notes of Kyrie were played, and having butterflies in my stomach as if I was the one who was going out on stage. Then as soon as he started singing, feeling like every little problem I had was going to be least for the next hour or so....
And Nebclayfan said,
The Independent Tour was the first time I saw Clay live. I was able to get 3rd row seats for my daughter and I. On the outside of the venue a news crew was interviewing people on what makes Clay so special. They interviewed me-I don't remember what I said. Right after we got inside the venue, my daughter met a friend of hers who happened to be the massage therapist for the celebrities there. She took my program and was able to get Clay's autograph on it. I was already in heaven. But then the show started and Clay came in through the back of the arena and that is a moment I will never forget. The screams, the energy, and that magestic voice singing Kyrie-just magical. I also remember his pink shoelaces, his blue fugly striped jacket and his walking up and down the steps of the set singing the contemporary Christian song "Love Love Love". I was a fan before, but after that concert he was stuck with me-forever and always- and it has only gotten better each time he tours.
Claymate1963's favorite memory is:
Being at the right time and the right place when he came in singing Kyrie in Las Vegas and he reached out and held my hand, not a touch but he actually held my hand for a minute. That will always be my favorite memory unless I ever get lucky enough to get a meet and greet.
And improudofclay remembers:
In Denver, the Independent Tour...NMA and I got to meet Clay. I got his autograph on the sleeve of my BA tee-shirt.
Hope you enjoy these pictures and video and that they bring back great memories for you. Tomorrow we'll relive in pictures Clay's Solo Tour, aka The Not A Tour.


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