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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tidbits 7/17

  • Tim Johnson Photography & Calligraphy-SmugMug - There are two pre-American idol photos of Clay from a wedding at this site with the following under the pictures:
    Clay Aiken Was Always A Talented, Kind Young Man, Becoming An Idol Was Just A Bonus. Here he is preparing to be the wedding singer in his pre-Idol days.

  • Lalate Celebrity News - This site is an awesome site with some positive articles about Clay. Give it some hits! Lalate reports the following:
    LALATE’S Clay Aiken videos now are the most watched Clay Aiken videos on two of three of the top video websites in the U.S.

    “eLATED for Clay Aiken”, the premiere of LALATE’s third celebrity news TV program called “eLated”, now is the most watched Clay Aiken video on Brightcove and Daily Motion.

    “eLATED” for Clay Aiken was a biopic video premiere of Aiken’s career, produced in advance of his current album. It’s first aire date was May this on Daily Motion, but didn’t get deployed even onto Brightcove until June.

    Yesterday, LALATE was proud to learn that it has become the highest ranked celebrity news site for Clay Aiken. This month, Aiken has raised online $50,000 for the effort in Somalia.If you enjoy this story, and love Clay, start chatting about it now in the new chat!
    In addition, check out the following links to other articles in lalate about Clay:

    Clay Aiken Somalia Picture
    Clay Aiken Somalia II - In this article, lalate also asks fans the following:
    In other Aiken news, many LALATE readers have been asking if Clay will go on tour this year. So how about this - should LALATE start a petition to urge a Clay Aiken winter mini-tour?

    Hollywood Hottest Body 2008 (For men, Clay was chosen as the best "heart")
  • Pasadena Weekly - An article called A Tribe is Born, by Kristy Lucero, which is about a hip hop dance group for kids, Clay is mentioned as follows:
    “They see what I do and they want to be professional dancers,” says Cain, who is an award-winning dancer and has choreographed shows for various hotels in Las Vegas, as well as for Clay Aiken’s “Invisible” video. “I’ve been there. I know what it’s like to be in this industry,” she says.


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