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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Tidbits 4/6

  • Canyon News - In an article about AI7, specifically about David Cook and David Archuleta, it says:
    Bottom line, both guys have proven themselves enough to have wildly successful stand-alone careers after the show ends, regardless of who wins (the loss didn't hurt Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson or Clay Aiken), and if you ask me to choose between the Davids, I won't. They're both too good to call.
  • Birmingham Weekly Mixed Media - The article "On The Boards: Spamalot at the BJCC", says:
    The Playbill program for the show has an awful lot about Clay Aiken, who is performing the role of the Sir Robin in the New York production of Spamalot. Even if you didn’t care about American Idol, it’s hard for a Birminghamian not to wince when she reads “… he has long since outsold that season’s ‘Idol’ winner, the affable, velvet-voiced Ruben Studdard…” Pah! No doubt Aiken’s mother was a hamster and his father smelt of elderberries.
  • Posted by clayitonme at The Clayboard - This is a great mention of Clay's success. Bolding is mine:
    loveOMC wrote: Part of a recap from oldmoviegal at CH:

    One thing that I wanted to mention in my recap-that-never-was, just because it gave me a little tingle, was this: while I was in New York, I had dinner with an old friend who is a producer at one of the networks (and her partner works on one of the late-night shows that tapes in the Ed Sullivan Theater). She thought it was funny, but in a good way, that I was going to see the same show more than once while I was in town. I defended myself by saying that Clay was soooo cuuute, and by the by, he was getting great reviews for his performance. And she replied, in all seriousness, "Yes, yes, absolutely -- everyone has been talking about it." She didn't say much more, and I didn't press (because we had other stuff to talk about, and at just that moment the waiter brought our veal chops in black truffle sauce) -- but she was very clear on the fact that the media community in New York has noticed Clay's success in Spamalot, and that (as another famous Broadway show would say) attention has been paid.

    I'm posting this because I wanted to add that the friend who lent me the apartment in NY for my Spamalot stay is well connected in the industry and knows many important people in the community. She also said that the buzz about Clay was very positive! So, this Spamalot gig is going to provide a tremendous boost for Clay's career, and, I daresay, for the kind of critical notices he receives.

    Yes, I always do look on the bright side of life. Works for me!


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