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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Tidbits 11-04-08

This was reported at today:

This is a sad day for Team Clay. No comments required.

Judge: Aiken book writer can pursue damages

RALEIGH, N.C. — A North Carolina Court of Appeals ruling says the author of a book about Clay Aiken can seek compensation from an incident involving the "American Idol" singer's bodyguard.

In the ruling filed Tuesday, a judge said Jeannie Holleman had provided enough support for her claim for compensation.

At a fundraising event in Hawaii in 2005, Holleman says Aiken's bodyguard grabbed her and pulled her from a chair she was seated in next to Aiken.

Holleman wrote a book, "Out of the Blue ... Clay it Forward - How One Man & His Fans Are Changing The World." Holleman said Aiken's mother and family friends conspired against the book, calling it untrue and disparaging it on fan sites.

Isn't it great that Clay gets such great acceptance amongst some of the big names in the industry. The more connections he makes, the more his name is brought up the better chance he stands for a continued career, thanks Gayle.

Did anyone post Gayle King (Oprah's friend) mentioned on her XM radio show last Friday Clay sit down beside her at David Foster's birthday bash? She asked him to see pictures of Parker and of course he was delighted. She said he was a beaming dad (not sure exact adjective)...but very excited to talk about Parker. She said he had one picture of Parker made with his "Passport"....(how cute).

She said they were sitting at the table with Donald Trump and a lot of big name celebrities but I cannot for the life of me remember who else....

Gayle said she is a Clay Aiken fan and has him on her IPod...!!! Yea Gayle!!!

Rpoppert at the Clayboard says of her montage on YouTube:

I love seeing the smile on Clay's face. The sheer joy of when he is just happy. HE almost glows. This is a montage to highlight recent months, and just how happy Clay has been. I hope you enjoy!

I couldn't resist this since today is the big voting day. MorganRowan posted this at the Clayboard and I just love it and thought all should see it. Even though Clay voted about three weeks ago, it is still something I know he is sad about. Check out the photo and see why:


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