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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tidbits 9/11

  • - Reference to Clay:

    Semi-finalist Andrew and trainer Laurie Williams came in second in the contest for "Greatest American Dog"...

    ...She doesn't know if she'll get any prize for being runner-up. But, with all the attention and support she's received as a result of the program, she said sometimes it works out just as well to come in second.

    "It's kind of a Ruben Studdard," she said, referring to the American Idol contestant.
    "He won, but Clay Aiken got the better recording contract."
  • The Northerner - Even in the presidential elections Clay gets mentions:...

    It seems every year the presidential election is one step closer to being nothing more than an Olympic-sized popularity contest, with voters choosing candidates like American Idol chose its Rubin Studdard (even if everyone believes Clay Aiken should have won).

  • USA Today - Emmys, Josh Groban will salute TV theme songs

    Does this sound familiar???

    LOS ANGELES — It's the story of a man named Groban, who is singing ).
    TV theme songs we all know. In a musical tribute, singer Josh Groban will perform bits of memorable themes at the 60th Primetime Emmy Awards on ABC (Sept. 21, 8
    Wonder where they got the idea, LOL...

  • From Jesben and Lilred at The Clayboard, we learn that Clay was a clue during jeorpardy:

    From Jesben:
    Under the heading, "Celebrities' Original Names" - they gave the original, the contestants had to identify them as they are known now.


    I answered. My husband said, "Who?" The lady in the middle got it right away (she won tonight.)

    Along with Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Tony Orlando, Roman Polanski and Tom Cruise.
    From Lilred:
    The clue read "American Idol HEARTTHROB Clayton Holmes Grissom"
    And the answer, obviously is "Clayton Holmes Aiken"!


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