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Monday, April 21, 2008

OMWH Digest: Wal-Mart Bonus Track Revealed, iTunes Pre-Order Tomorrow

Wal-Mart has released the title of the bonus track to be on their editions of "On My Way Here". According to, the bonus track is "Forget I Ever Knew You". You'll also notice that Wal-Mart has a special cover art, different from the regular CD (see right).

Apple's iTunes music store will begin accepting pre-orders tomorrow for OMWH. If you order the album during this pre-order period, iTunes will give you a bonus track. We do not know what that bonus track is going to be, but apparently, it will be different from Wal-Mart's.

OMWH was mentioned on yesterday's VH1 Top 20 Countdown, says the CB's ClayandKimfan. The SendSpace download for the video cap is here.

I m watching VH1 Top 20 Countdown and just before they played One Republics Stop and Stare video the how mention how the lead sings been writining for different singers. And she mentioned he'll be working with Kelly Clarkson. Then she said theres another AI aritist hes wrote for. And she said Clays name and his CD cover poped up. She mentioned its out May 6 and that the title track was written by the One Rupublic lead singer. I keep forgetting his name. So exciting the promontion going on for this CD compared to ATDW. Way to go Clay!!!


Natalie said...

Yip!! Get your iTunes ready, Claymates!! I just checked the iTunes store (2 a.m. EST)...darn, no OMWH pre-order YET. Okay, so now I have 3 versions of the album I gotta have: iTunes, Walmart (for that beaut-e-ous cover), and the regular version.

Come on, let's send OMWH to the top of those bleedin' charts...Claymates UNITE! :D

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