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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tidbits 4/24

  • published a photo of Clay with Tyra Banks, who recently taped a Clay segment on the set of Spamalot. This is the same photo that appeared yesterday at People Magazine.
  • TV Squad - Clay Aiken is back with new album -
    Clay Aiken's career track is an interesting one. For someone with my musical tastes and interests, he virtually disappeared after his season of American Idol was over. His act is really just not for me. Unlike so many other also-rans from the show though, a couple times a year, he pops up again. Clay is performing here. He's sold another million albums there. And along the way he's managed to build one of the most devoted fan bases anyone could ask for.

    That brings us to the latest rise of Clay on to the radar for the rest of us. He's kicking off the release of his fourth studio album next Monday, with an appearance on QVC. I'm reminded of Arsenio and the old "things that make you go hmmm" bit. I'm not sure I get it, but we should probably just not question Clay's judgment. He seems to be doing alright. He's never going to have the media exposure of Kelly Clarkson, but he's not going to just fade away either.
  • More CD mentions:
    • Philadelphia Inquirer -
      Aiken's latest soul-crushing product
      American Idol-manufactured niceboy Clay Aiken will don his sexiest ensemble for a night of consumerist prostitution with a live TV performance on QVC at 7 p.m. Monday.

      Clay will play tunes from his new CD, On My Way Here, which you'll be able to order eight days before its May 6 release date. Info:
    • -
      Claymates, start screaming

      Clay Aiken will perform at 7 p.m. Monday at QVC's West Chester Studio Park, previewing his new record "On My Way Here," before its May 6 release. QVC is selling a version of the CD that includes a bonus CD/DVD for Claymates out there.
  • Tons of AI related mentions today. AI paid a visit to Broadway on last night's results show, including a visit to Clay on the set of Spamalot:
    • GearLive Television - AI reflects on successes of past idols on Broadway:
      Idol took a few moments to pay homage to two former competitors, Tamyra Gray (season 1) and Clay Aiken (season 2), who are both in current Broadway productions (“Rent” and “Spamalot,” respectively). Lakisha Jones, who is also starring on Broadway, was present in the audience for the footage.
    • Blogcritics - same as above:
      Broadway performances were discussed and a montage of past Idols involved in stage productions came next. LaKisha Jones and Fantasia (The Color Purple), Diana DeGarmo (Hairspray), Tamyra Gray (Rent), and Clay Aiken (Spamalot) were all featured, but Tamyra and Clay had the most coverage.
    • Read Express -
      Then, we're quickly confronted with the pasty complexion of Clay Aiken, the runner-up from Season 2 and still the darling of Claymates everywhere. He's in "Monty Python's Spamalot," which is also playing on the Great White Way.

      Both "Idol" alums give us tours of their theaters and talk about how hap-hap-happy their lives are.
    • CanMag -
      Since musical theater was highlighted this week, we were shown a clip of the Idol alums on Broadway. Diana DeGarmo (runner up Season 3), Fantasia (winner Season 3), LaKisha Jones (fourth place Season 6), Tamyra Gray (fourth place Season 1) and Clay Aiken (runner up Season 2) have all appeared in Broadway musicals.
    • myFox -
      Now we get to see how many former Idols have been on Broadway or are actually starring right now. Tamyra Grey is currently starring as Mimi in Rent and Clay Aiken is in Spamalot (OK, at least he has a reason for that awful hair).
    • Variety -
      Erin: "Idol" also wanted to remind the hopefuls that there is life after reality TV on Broadway. We get a heads up on Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken in their post-TV careers as performers in "Rent" and "Spamalot," respectively. This is to reassure "Idols" that not all paths lead to the TV Guide channel, reunion shows and tabloid magazines where you talk about your illicit affair with Paula Abdul.
    • -
      The evening also featured a performance from Cowell-produced British star Leona Lewis (who sang her international hit "Bleeding Love"), a trip to Broadway to visit ex-"Idol" contestants Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray at their new gigs, a bizarre animated, zombie-like Ford commercial starring the contestants and yet another primetime appearance by President George Bush, who followed up his recent "Deal or No Deal" cameo by dropping into "Idol" with First Lady Laura Bush to thank Americans for contributing to the "Idol Gives Back" charity special.
    • IGN TV -
      We also got to catch up with some Idol alums who've made it on Broadway, like Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray. I was happy to catch up with Tamyra, her "A House Is Not A Home" is still one of my all-time favorite Idol performances.
    • -
      The “Where Are They Now?” segment with former “Idol” contestants on Broadway was solid. After mentions of Diana DeGarmo in “Hairspray” and Fantasia Barrino and LaKisha Jones in “The Color Purple,” we saw sit-down interviews with Tamyra Gray, who’s performing in “Rent” and Clay Aiken, who’s starring in “Spamalot.” Nice to see both of them getting props for their excellent voices.
    • Radar -
      Claymates also got their fix when the show visited Clay Aiken at Monty Python's Spamalot, where he's enjoying top billing and a new hairdo.
    • Deseret News - Carmen Rasmusen, former AI2 contestants, apologizes for her remarks last week about Clay:
      And to Clay Aiken and his great fans, let me say: He deserves every bit of success he's enjoyed and more. He's wonderfully gifted and the reality is, I needed the coaching more than he did. I apologize if what I said came across the wrong way.
    • Entertainment Weekly -
      and a taped segment featuring past Idol finalists Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray talking about their respective runs on Broadway in Spamalot and Rent.
    • -
      The episode included a boring performance by British singer and Simon Cowell discovery Leona Lewis and a quick visit with former "Idol" finalists Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray, who are now starring in Broadway musicals.
    • Philly Burbs -
      Things could be worse for Carly. She’s now free to display her tattoos without viewer voting repercussions. She can go hang out with Michael Johns (Who wouldn’t want that?). She can avoid taking the Clay Aiken route and doing whatever the hell that was to his hair (I thought it was for the role in “Spamalot,” but, no! He wears a wig on stage).
    • Foxes on Idol - "Clay Aiken can act like himself on Broadway without being accused of being effeminate. That’s the great thing about musical theatre, right?"
    • North by Northwestern -
      Idol checked up on some of its alumni. Tamyra Gray is on Broadway, starring in Rent. Clay Aiken is now in Spamalot. I never liked Clay. The creepiness of his single was too much to handle. That whole “If I was invincible I’d make you mine tonight” and the theme of invisibility? Can you say rape?
    • Reality Wanted -
      I loved the segment on Idol alumni which focused on previous contestants who have performed or are performing on Broadway. Tamyra Gray was in Bombay Dreams and is now playing Mimi in RENT (that I would love to see). Both Fantasia Barrino and Lakisha Jones appeared in The Color Purple. Clay Aiken is still performing in Spamelot (I would love to see this as well), and Diana DeGarmo was in Hairspray.
    • TV Fodder -
      We got to see Season 1’s Tamyra Gray as she performed in “Rent,” and Clay Aiken (creepy blond hair and all) as he sang in “Spamalot.” Neither one of these is a real surprise, since both were very expressive singers with giant voices.
    • Washington Post -
      In honor of Lloyd Webber week, we see how successful people who did not win "American Idol" have been on Broadway. Like Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken, in "Rent" and "Spamalot," respectively.
    • iVillage -
      We heard from season one's Tamyra Gray who placed fourth, and Clay Aiken who was runner up in the second season. They are both enjoying success on stage. Tamyra in Rent ... and Clay in Spamalot.
    • Foxes on Idol -
      Season 1’s Tamyra Gray is currently appearing in Rent, her second Broadway show. Clay Aiken, who I think you may have heard of, is in Spamalot. Tamyra and Clay give us tours of their stages and dressing rooms. Tamyra likes putting away her own stresses and being someone else (she’s playing Mimi). Clay says Broadway is something completely different than anything he’s done before. His next album is out May 6th. Tamyra still gets recognized from American Idol and loves her life. Clay says he’ll keep doing what he’s doing as long as people like it.
    • TV Grapevine -
      Before we move on to more results, we get a little video piece on former AI contestants now on Broadway. First we have Tamyra Gray,now in her second show (RENT). And of course Clay Aiken, starring in SPAMALOT.
    • Rocky Mountain News -
      There was also a brief visit to New York to see how Idol alumni are faring on Broadway. Featured were Tamyra Gray, who appears in Rent, and Clay Aiken who is starring in Spamelot
    • -
      And, in conjunction with this week's theatre theme, we had the pleasure of checking in with lost Idols Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray, who have recently found fame on Broadway.
    • Monster & Critics - "After a Broadway video segment with Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken, Leona Lewis performed “Bleeding Love.”"
    • Orlando Sentinel -
      Ryan Seacrest said more than 38 million votes were cast after Tuesday's show. The Wednesday edition featured a sexy performance by Leona Lewis, a charming look at Clay Aiken and Tamyra Gray in Broadway musicals, and a tepid group sing by the six finalists. The song: Lloyd Webber's "All I Ask of You."
    • Baltimore Sun - "Next, there's a look at the Idols who are starring on Broadway. (Clay Aiken is in Spam-a-Lot right now, and Tamyra Gray is in Rent.)"
    • Reality TV Magazine -
      After a Broadway video segment with Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken, Leona Lewis performed “Bleeding Love.” After Leona’s performance, Ryan Seacrest called Syesha Mercado and Brooke White to center stage. Seacrest revealed that Brooke White was safe and Syesha Mercado was in the bottom two.
    • -
      We then get a clip of Idols on Broadway. Ryan mentions Diana DeGarmo, Lakisha, and Fantasia. But we get clips of Tamyra Gray and Clay Aiken who are both on Broadway in Rent and Spamalot respectively.
    • -
      Clay Aiken has an album coming out soon, so he's decided temporarily to remember his Idol roots and take viewers on a backstage tour of Spamalot. How do we feel about Clay referring to himself in first-person plural?
    • - ranking the idols' style -
      At this point in the competition on "American Idol" in seasons past, Clay Aiken had already transformed from geeky, tufted duckling to slick, metrosexual swan. Viewers are continually reminded that this is the "best group of contestants ever."
  • - Clay to release album .... too bad they got the title wrong ;( "Clay Aiken's "On My Way Home." The former "American Idol" is slowly turning into Barry Manilow. Expected release: May 6"
  • Iowa City Press Citizen - Spamalot planning show in Iowa City -
    Some big names have had roles in the production, including Clay Aiken as Sir Robin, but Hancher has not yet received a cast list of who will perform here.
  • Leader Telegram - Josh Gracin to release new CD -
    Gracin's first CD was boosted by the power of "Idol," where he came in fourth place during the show's second season - the same season as Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard.
  • Kansas City Star - local "crooner to spread wings" -
    It’s not the path of, say, a Clay Aiken or a Kelly Clarkson of “American Idol” fame. But for Von Lee Smith, it’s a career path that seems promising nonetheless.
  • - could AI be headed for an all-male finale - the first since AI2?
    He thinks "Idol" could end up with an all-male finale — the first since season two, when Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard faced off.


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