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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tidbits 4/20

  • - American Idol "losers" become "winners" -
    Season Two winner Ruben Studdard continues to perform, but he’s been roundly upstaged by “loser” Clay Aiken, who now rates a heftier talent fee than Studdard. “Blame” that on the fact that Aiken looks better, so he has the female teen demographic going for him.
  • Sun Sentinel -
    Q. I have watched American Idol and can't understand why today there appear to be no voices like Streisand, Garland, Crosby, Sinatra, Como, etc. Apparently the contestants are appealing only to their peers and the whim of the judges. — L.K., e-mail

    A. Sorry, but your problem appears to be a generational issue. The contestants are appealing to their peers because they are the ones who will buy records and concert tickets. Streisand sounds nothing like Crosby; Garland and Como were in two different worlds vocally and Sinatra was one of a kind. If both of us are around 50 years from now, the young people of today are likely to be complaining that there are no longer voices like Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Clay Aiken and maybe even David Archuleta.
  • AOL TMZ - American Idol responds to former contestant Carmen Rasmusen's claim that the show is rigged -
    Rasmusen was on "Idol" back in 2 aught 3, going head to head (pun intended) with Clay Aiken. She told the Deseret News, most finalists were given "minimal voice coaching," but Clay's coach was on him like white on rice. To add insult to vocal injury, they had the same coach. Carmen says she threw a Hail Mary and hired her own coach, with pathetic results.
  • - Denver - AI -
    Sayesha was blessed to be there for Mariah Carey week-this is the mentor for her. I know, she's no Mariah-or Whitney, and God knows I always cringe when contestants attempt the songs of either, but this girl's got some potential. She can't win-she shouldn't, but that doesn't mean she can't sing. Sayesha, I think, is one of the contestants who is learning from their experiences on the show, and that can make for surprising results. Just ask Clay Aiken!
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