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Latest News From CDD

Monday, August 13, 2007

Clay Gets A Puzzle Clue in People Puzzler

Clay is featured in a special publication from People Magazine called "People Puzzlers".

The special issue is a compilation of People Magazine's best crossword puzzles. Clay is a clue, as you can see in the scan above, for one of the puzzles. If you look carefully, the puzzle contains many other subtle mentions of Clay related terms including:

  • When ___ ___ You Smile
  • Measure of _ ___
  • Merry Christmas with ____
  • The ______ Noise Tour
  • ____ Is The Night
  • A Thousand Different ____
  • Right ____ Waiting
Thanks to the CB's angelcat4jc for the scan. You can pick up your copy at newsstands before October 29.


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