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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shipwreck Island Studios Files OMWH Review

This is a wonderful review of "On My Way Here" from Shipwreck Island Studios. They also did a great review on ATDW came out back in 2006.

It has been a while since Clay Aiken has graced the music world with a full blown studio album. 5 years after "Measure Of A Man", Clay showcases his growth as a musician as well as a person. From the catchy "Ashes" to the inspiring "As Long As Were Here", Aiken shares his diversity like no current musician. After every Clay release I find myself wondering what could he possibly do next to showcase his talent? Of course only he knows what is to come up next.... But with On My Way Here, he has hit another homerun. There's a great pallet of songs to choose from. There are of course the Clay Aiken pop rock tunes that music fans all know him for, then there are tunes that will shock even the most faithful "CA" fan. If you are only a fan of his pop rock material then chances are you will be giving this disc a lower rating then myself simply because of that reason. But if you like a broad range of material that covers different musical genres then it is a no brainer that you will appreciate this release. The one song that I feel will shock many "Everything I Don't Need", because it is "CA" outside the box. Clearly going the extra mile to try something different and frankly I think it worked out perfectly. Overall Clay has done the impossible again, releasing a disc that has something for everyone. If you liked his previous releases it only makes sense to continue the trend and pick this one up. If you didn't like his past works.... I say give this one a try, listen to some audio clips via iTunes or other legal websites. A fun filled adventure from start to finish in the way only "CA" can do it.

> Good - New material, vocal arrangements and the right direction. Clay Aiken has a viewpoint in today's music world that most artists simply do not.

> Bad - Some music lovers may shy away from this release because it isn't all pop rock material.


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