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Monday, May 05, 2008

On My Way Here: Your Reactions

We're looking to see your reactions to hearing OMWH the first time. Make a comment on this post to share your thoughts with the world!

- The CDD crew


Leslie said...

Hi, Well I listen to it over on yesterday and I didn't get to hear it all in one sitting (was kind of busy with my youngest niece and all other stuff too). All I can say wow Clay you made a best album he has made so far in his career too. I love four songs off this CD there are (I'm not counting "Lover All Alone" already heard that song but still good): "On My Way Here", "Ashes", "Falling" and "Where I Draw The Line" the others are good too but these four stand out in my mind the most on this CD. When I got my I-tunes CD too I also like the bonus song too plus I love the digital booklet I got too plus he thanks the fans too in it. Glad Kipper the producer gave Clay a little bit push outside of the box of him. I'm also so glad Clay is so :) with this CD now I know why he is just so :) with it sometimes I think he was giddly with it. Thanks Clay for making this CD you wanted too. Take care, :)

Anonymous said...

AnnS.~ I started listening to the whole CD yesterday and then I would jump to every other song and all I can say is that I'm really excited about this CD. I think though that the fast songs like Ashes, Falling, Where I Draw the Line are the ones that really catches my attention. But even the slow songs are different. They've allowed Clay to stretch himself and see what he can do. Now I'll just have listen to the extra tracks from itunes and from Walmart as well!

Anonymous said...

AnnS.~ I am just excited abou this CD:) I can't wait for my copies to arrive in the mail but until then I've been listening to the online free preview over and over again. The fast songs like Ashes, Falling, Where I Draw the Line are the ones that really catch my ear but all of the songs I think really has given Clay a chance to stretch himself. Back to listening for me!

kfc-canada said...

I, too, listened to the complete new Cd on AOL and found it wonderful. In fact, I listened to it, right through, 3 times. The songs grow and grow on you with each listen.

This album is so much more musically, emotionally and professionally than any of Clay's previous albums. There is just no comparison at all. Kipper has done a fantastic job and the entire album is a showpiece of both his and Clay's immense talent. The music and each song flow... one after another... like the tide coming in to pound the shore with one wave and to lap the beach with the next.

Clay's vocals are amazing...okay, let's say...angry one moment, breathless , another, and downright 'wanting to know for sure' , the next. Each song has its own unique atmosphere created which pulls the listener in and tosses you about and leaves you 'going back for more'.

To be honest, even the soundtrack of this album would be a million is put together so beautifully.

So, get out the candles, your softest cushions, the bottle of wine you've been saving, put on your loveliest loungewear,and envelope yourself in 'Something About Us'.....(move over, Michael Buble....Clay's here to take over...)

And, yes, Clay, I so can identify with so many of these new songs, from 'Everything I Don't Need' to 'Where I Draw The Line' to, most of all, 'Ashes'. Kudoes to you, Clay and to Kipper and to the musicians who all helped to create this lovely and meaningful disc.

Natalie said...

Beautiful! I keep trying to decide which song is my favorite, but can't pick just on, of course! My top picks are: Everything I Don't Need, The Real Me and Ashes. I can't WAIT to see these songs sung live in concert. Thank you Clay for a stand-out album!

Lisa said...

Yes, Clay has definitely outdone himself on his new CD, OMWH! I think every song brings something different and unique. Clay has proven he can do anything, help those less fortunate, help our children and their education, act, be a great comedian, and of course, sing! This latest singing endeavor is simply: fantastic! Thank you, Clay.

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