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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Clay Greets Fans at NYC Virgin Megastore

Clay celebrated the release of On My Way Here with hundreds of anxious fans at the New York City, Times Square Virgin MegaStore where he signed copies of the new album.

The CB's HopelesslyDevoted recaps:
That was really fun! We were all downstairs and Clay appeared and came down on the escalator to huge screams and applause. He did his press/photo op thing (lots of press there) and did some interviews. He took his picture with one of the winners from the CDR party and then came up onto the stage for more photo ops. He looked gorgeous....happy and well rested. He was very gracious and sweet while signing things. He took his time and looked up quite alot at you...smiling and chatty. At one point he got up from the table and bent down to talk with a little girl that was was so sweet. Jerome and Mary were with him. A representative from RCA/SONY was there and I have also heard PR/Barry was as well. We were fortunate to be allowed to present him with the poster that everyone had signed from the CDR party the night before (thank you everyone for making it so special). He seemed to enjoy it and then said something like (paraphrasing because I am still in 'the fog')...'glad to see Im not the only one signing stuff around here' you got your CD signed you were ushered back upstairs...where you could watch from the second level. I will post some low quality video I got with my digital camera until the professionals get here. There were lots of clack gatherers so we should have some great video and pics coming our way! It was really really fun...Clay was awesome and as I ran out early to catch my train it was so great to hear OMWH blasting outside on Broadway from Virgin's speakers!
... and the CB's AustenFan adds:
The CD signing was incredible. Great crowd and Clay looked fantastic. I gave a CD to a friend and the first reaction she had after looking at the cover was 'What a handsome man'. Wooh heartbeat.

You could hear Clay's music out in the street and very loudly throughout the store. The music is very exciting with rock and urban touches along with some more traditional styles. Just a wonderful eclectic mix.

I hope the folks in the store know it's Clay and not that top 40/MTV group, Tokyo Hotel that had a signing and performance right after Clay. Because Clay rocks on this album. I mean that seriously. I saw some of TRL today where Tokyo Hotel was performing and the host started to say 'the fans had been there for...' like it was overnight or some huge amount of time and then said 'hours' and then joked 'weeks'. Because it was the Clay fans who were there overnight and had that huge crowd for most of the day. People were hanging over the railings to see what was going on. They were snapping pictures in the street.

And I love how the they announced 'Clay is in the house'. And called him a superstar to the cheers of the crowd.

Last night when they started to play Clay's album in the store people screamed and cheered and sang along and rocked out..dancing and grooving in the aisles. Some folks with cameras filmed so hopefully people will see the great reaction to Clay. And the Ticket Dude from Spamalot stopped by Virgin Megastore and showed his support. It's wonderful how Clay has impressed those folks. Just like we're impressed by them.

I did get some video that I hope to post in the next day or two. Just an amazing day and what a wonderful album. Clay is a fine musician and one incredible artist. He's also a very decent man. As the Ticket Dude said...they've had good actors and singers in shows before...but when Clay spoke about Broadway Cares and helping the charity, that's when he understood our devotion. Something he'd never seen with any fan group. 'And it's not misplaced' he added.

And Clay is gorgeous to boot. What more could one want.
The CB's JustGrace shares her recap:
Ok, so I think I finally have a quality recap for everyone! I just got back from NYC, what a whirlwind!

Upon reading the reports that people were camping out overnight on Sunday, I was really discouraged, and even contemplating not wasting my money, In my mind, there was no way I was getting a wrist band if I was getting into the city at 2:30 Monday afternoon. But you know what, I planned the trip, I was going to carry it out, darn it! And am I thankful I did!

A big wave to the OFC girls that welcomed me into their "family", since I traveled alone for this event. We had such a great time out in line. All I can remember was everyone saying how it was great to be with their freinds. Many of us had never met before, yet there was such a sense of family in that line. We had a lot of bonding time to boot! A big thank you to Kendra for keeping us quite entertained all night "Bring out your dead!"

At about 11:00, we were escorted in groups to line up inside the store. Let me tell you, I felt like a sardine! It was hot and stuffy, but I was happy as a clam listening to that beaultiful album playing through the store. And I was so happy that everyone in line received a writband! I bid fairwell to everyone "See you tomorrow!" with a great big great and lots of EEEEEs.

I lined up around 12:00 this afternoon, great timing, I was about thirty people back. This placed me right in front of the escalator, hehe. I heard a blond woman say to the security gaurd something about him coming down the escalator....NO, he can't be.....oh yes he did! And he stood right in front of me and another group of wonderful ladies ::waves to ClayNovember:: and he looked right in my eyes as he said, "Hey Ya'll, Thank You!" I melted, at that point, I had no idea what was happening around me...I have no pictures, I lost all memory of how my camera functioned. As the millions of flashes began to go off, I was a goner, lost in the Aikenfog. I managed to get a short video on my phone, If I can figure it out, I will post it! So VERY shortly after the intial chaos, it was sooner my turn. I stepped up to Mary, who I didn't even realize was saying hi to me. I jumped a little and was like "OH! Hi Mary!" totally out of it, I was embarrassed. But the embarrassment soon was clouded by a look from peircing hazel eyes looking my way. "Hello, what's your name?" ummmmm what is my name? I know I shook his hand. "Thank you so much for coming." Then he looked straight into my eyes and gave a smile that could melt anyone into a puddle of goo. I am suprised Jerome didn't have to break out a mop to clean me up off the floor! I am telling you, if looks could kill!

The expereince lasted about 10 seconds, but the memory will last forever! I had a blast and it was worth every minute of waiting on the streets of Times Sqaure! I have defaintly found a new family!


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