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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Clay Interviewed by "Extra" About OMWH, American Idol

Clay was interviewed by "Extra" about On My Way Here. He tells them that he no longer watches American Idol, saying the show has lost its innocence. The CB's dogloverlikeclay summarizes:

Heads up for anyone who gets Extra (it usually is on the same channel as Access Hollywood). They just did a great piece on Clay (unlike that debacle last week that AH did). They showed some past AI pics of him and then showed him now looking mighty fine. They asked him about AI which he gave his standard "same as high school" answer. Then they showed the OMWH cd cover and him singing in the studio. It was all positive and did I mention how fine he looked??
Download the video cap at SendSpace

At Extra's website, Simon Cowell chimed in on Clay's comments about no longer watching AI -
From "Idol" present to "Idol" past -- Simon takes a slap at second season runner-up Clay, who dissed the show in a new interview -- and caused one hairy situation! Seeing Aiken's new blond hairdo, Cowell quipped, "So that was Nancy Grace, where's Clay? It's just that hair. I can't listen to him."


Carolina Clay said...


My former editor reads my blog, and she wondered why I didn't have Nightline down for May 8. See this link:

Looks as if Clay will be intervewed at 11:35 p.m. tonight (5/8).

Thnx for all you do!


Anonymous said...

I just wish I had Simon Cowell's e-mail address. Why should he say anything nice about Clay now, he treated him like dirt all thru AI-2. I just finished watching Idol-Rewind. And I used to like Cowell Too bad he couldn't treat Clay a little more like he did Ruben.

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