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Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Clay Fan's Story - The Making of 9 New Fans In New Brunswick

We've been seeing some mighty good recaps of the various concerts on The Christmas In The Heartland Tour. And here is another one I just know you will all love. Psbintl from The Clayboard entitles her review NINE NJUs!!! WOW ! An Evening With Clay!!. Upon asking, I found out that NJU stands for "Not Just Us", and you'll read in this story all about the making of 9 new fans in psbintl's group.


Just got back in town about two hours ago, back here in California from my trip to New-York and New Jersey.

As I posted earlier, I decided to make a the best of a business trip with my family this week and treated them all to a night out on the town Thursday, to see Clay in New Brunswick at the State Theatre.

There were 11 of us! Only two of us were Clay fans, the rest of the family and significant others remember Clay from AI, but had not followed him at all since then.

As everyone else who attended the New Brunswick concert has attested to, Clay was not only stunning in looks but in voice as well!

Ok, so our evening started with seven members of the party meeting me at my hotel room in New York. I had previously arranged for us to have the night out in style! So a fourteen passenger, beautiful, white, stretch limosine pick us all up from the hotel!

The limosine then took us into Boundbrook New Jersey, where we picked up the remaining three members of our party. From there we went to Bridgewater New Jersey, had a wonderful Italian dinner at a place called La Catena and from there the limosine took us to the New Brunswick State Theatre!

What I must share is that the entire time we were in the limosine the group was treated to seeing the Juke Box tour in it's entirety AND the Pala, Cal concert! I made sure the limosine had a DVD player and I brought along several of his concerts on DVD.

THEY LOVED both concerts!!! They loved Clay's amazing voice, his sense of humor and entertaining stage presence!!

The Holiday concert at the State Theatre was amazing! Clay, Quiana and Angela were just brilliant and Clay outdid himself! The little "snafu" everyone has been cheering about was taken by the group as humorous and endearing!

Everyone single person in our group LOVED HIM!!

One of my brothers asked me twice for the website were he could download and watch the concerts and so I gave him Clack Unlimited.

At the end of the evening what was so amusing was that when we came out of the Theatre ( it never dawned on me this would happen!)(DUH!), but there were a swarm of fans buzzing around and hanging close to our limosine! I completely forgot that some unknowing fans might have thought it was for Clay or some other famous person!

I felt sorry for those fans! All they got to see were a bunch of dressed up unknowns getting into the limo!!

As an early Christmas gift for the entire group, each family group received a gift copy of AIW, MCWL and ATDW along with my signature Clay Holiday greeting card! They all just loved their gifts!

The night was a complete success! For the entire ride back in the limosine the talk was about Clay, his magnificent voice, Quiana and Angela, the classiness and beauty of the concert, where Clay's career could go and the lack of good music in the industry!


NINE NJU's in one night!!



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