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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Christmas Evening with Clay in Red Bank, NJ


From the CB's PlatinumClay:
Wow- what a loud crowd! NJ really showed the love last night at RedBank- the applause was loud and long from the start of the show to the standing O that started in DSIAFCD and seemd to continue ont o AIW. Clay even mentioned about alot of noise for a small venue ( its not the size of the venue Clay, its the size of our hearts- we are loud and proud

Lots of NJU's and, unfortunetly, lots of flashes.

The mid 20's couple sitting in front of me included a slouching, baseball cap wearing, gum chewing guy who was heard to say..."what's with the stories"...but by the third story was sittting up straight and didn't take his eyes off the reader. Both had followed Clay during AI but hadn't been to a Christmas concert. The woman had MOAM and ATDW but hadn't realized he had released Christmas albums...she was enlightened.

I really can't find the words to comment on the singing. He's fantastic.From "a hug is warmer when you are in it" he was looking at ANgela and tehn he truned to Quiana for "Oh bebey, tthat's a fact", he seemd to chuckle and shake his head at our screams and applause of those lines. I absolutely adore Emmanuel, O Holy Night, and WTOW and AIW and...(you get the picture). Angela and Quiana were amazing and look so beautiful in their gowns. I was in the Lobby when Jesse's Uncle came in and asked for him. I let him know how talented I thought his nephew is and how fantastic his arrangements are. Jesse's Uncle let me know he has been into music from an early age...he seemed proud and very nice.
I didn't bring my camera as so many other clack goddesss do so much a better job. I hope someone captured Jazzy Jingle bells as he seemd to really get into the song .

It was great to see so many friends at the concert, sorry I didn't get to talk to as many as I would have liked but I was fixing a ticket situation and had to do some running around.
Well, I guess that's it. Leaving for Boston in a few and I hope everyone going on to the next venue travels safe.
From the CB's hippoga:
Another quick "review". On computer for 30 minutes for $5!

Really great show! It was my first-was amazed at how it seemlessly flowed from one song to another and how the "stories" fit into the flow-Clay, ya done good! It was worth reading 1600 of them! I do miss the banter but what I miss is the "funny stuff" and "picking at the fans" which would be totally inappropriate!

He looked great! Glasses, parted hair, long well-fitted, long frock coat. Did I mention "well fitted"!!?? And a little thing to notice, he's not wearing a belt! Did I mention "well fitted"!?

Loved the jazzy medley, loved WTOW

Gotta send, time is up!



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