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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Clay Spotted At Ruben's Concert in Raleigh

Clay was spotted at Ruben Studdard's concert at the North Carolina State Fair this past Sunday. He was seen backstage wearing jeans and a hoodie.

geekette at the CH reports:

I'm just back from the fair - the fireworks alone were worth the cost of admission!

It was a very last minute decision to go (lost a few husband points, though) and I took my sister with me. We had a good time running around the fairgrounds trying to see and eat everything in an hour, then we got tix for Ruben's concert. I felt like I had a scarlet C on my forehead, though. We really stood out.

The woman at the ticket booth offered that he was selling quite well and they were pleased. The floor wasn't quite full, but our side seats were closer than those in the back of the floor anyway.

Anyone who's been to "Dort Narina" knows that the acoustics SUCK! and the lighting was awful. Much of the time Ruben was in complete darkness. There was a spotlight right below me and I was very tempted to see if I could turn it on, but I knew I'd also be tempted to swing it just a bit to the left to see if that really was Clay over there. You know how you can recognize a familiar person even if you can't really see them? Gestalt. I knew it was him even before he whipped out that iPhone. It's a little freaky to think I "know" him that well.

Ruben did mention meeting Clay in LA, and how this red-headed guy was downstairs with some "fiiiine women", so he asked if he could join them. Then he imitated Clay's "Hey, how are ya" and said they exchanged numbers and have been tight ever since. Very nice. I just wish I could have heard him sing better! Did I mention the horrid acoustics?

The first couple songs I didn't recognize, but he did sing some familiar ones and some covers. We left after about an hour - it just got wearing. I'm not sure what elements Clay said he "stole" from Ruben for his shows, it was mostly singing, with very little chatter. Ruben did lean over and touch hands and toss his towel out in the audience. There were some happy fans down in front!


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