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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Clay Chats With Fans About Spamalot, Christmas Tour

Clay chatted with some lucky official fanclub members last night at around 7 PM EDT about his new role in Spamalot and the upcoming Christmas tour. The full transcript is available at OKClayFans' board.

Here is a synopsis of the transcript, including only what Clay said:

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:23):
Hey guys... i'll only be here for a few minutes... we are testing the system.

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:22):
Melladi: How long has
he thought abou
t/known about trying out for Spamalot?

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:27):
In addition to it being a Mike Nichols show.. its completely the opposite of what many would expect.Like I said. Its a chance to do something different and hopefully show of other aspects.

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:28) :
Has he written any songs for the new cd?....

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:28) :
no.. not yet

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:30):
it si our intention to do meet and greets for the christmas tour

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:35):
on ocassion i run into some kids had during the seven years at the YMCA. they make me feel really old!! Havent had the chance to see the students i taught in the classroom

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:36):
Video blogs wouldn't be impossible.. but they are improbable considering i am rarely in the same place when i write

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:38) :
Kareneh... it was less of an audition and more of a work session. I got to work with mike nichols and the associate director peter lawrence quite a bit.... but the producer, general manager, associate music director, choreographer and casting director all

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:41):
Lexi... I ddn't write anything in the chicken soup for the soul book.. but i did speak with an author who, i believe wrote something

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:43):
Blush.. i have no idea if there will be a summer tour.. You know most artists only tour once every year or two. Many go three years between tours. We have been out on the road consistently for up to three tours a year over the past years. i am sure we will

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:44):
I mean.. i cant say much more than that until the episode airs. (regardless of how much you already know) I think its obvious when you see the show what i would have done differently in hindsight

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:45):
karma4clay..... i rarely make any plans for this mop on my head. I don't believe that there are any requirements for my hair re: the show. i am pretty sure they will provide a wig if they deem a wig necessary

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:48) :
No Duane Reade card... but, unlike a year ago.. iam now very familiar with duane reade

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:48) :
when canadian venues and concert promoters call us and ask, we will try

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:51):
i'll wear what the show producrs give me.. i think there are some variation on tights in the pipeline!

ClayAiken says to raleighaikenfan (19:52):
its hard to go everywhere in a short three to four week span. we cant hit every part of the country when iwe travel on a bus. the last time we tried to do that for Christmas we had to start at Halloween! so, we decide to keep them all within traveling ista


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