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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Clammy Awards Winners Announced

The winners of the 2007 Clammy Awards have been announced. A full list of winners is available at the Clammy website.

Best Banner - 2005lovesclay

Best Blend - CDD's Jan

Best Essay - "I Know Where the Hand Has Been" by Cincy15

In response to Kelly Ripa’s recent comment that she doesn’t know where
Clay’s Hand has been, I may be able to address that issue and hopefully
eliminate any of her fears. You see, I am a student of that Hand. I’ve made
it my point to learn where it has been in the past, where it may be at any
given time of the day, month or year and to speculate where it may be going
from this point forward. No, I am not a stalker; just a fan.

I have learned that from the time Clay was a baby, that Hand (like the Hands
of most children) has been held firmly by his mother. I am sure there were
times as a youngster when he may have felt he was giving her as much in
comfort as she was in guiding him since a single mother often only has the
touch of her child to remind her of love. From early on, the Hand was
reminded to join with the other Hand as he knelt in prayer. Faith is an
important part of the Hand’s life, you see.
Best fan Art by Cybearsue

Best Story - "I Saw A Woman Fall In Love With Clay Aiken Last Night" by yaknelle
I saw a woman fall in love with Clay Aiken last night and she didn't even know it.

She was sitting in front of me and beside her husband. I was seated in a seat that seemed to be the point for all lost audience members to stop and wonder where their seats were, so they stopped and asked me. The man in front of me said that I should get a job at Pala. I laughed and said the commute from Chicago might kill me.
Best Wallpaper by Clayquebec1

Best Website - Clay Aiken The Ideal Idol


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