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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Clay Generating Buzz in South Korea

Clay was the #1 searched term at Naver yesterday, the most popular website in Korea - the equivalent of Google in North America, we're told.

The CB's Bloomingclay explains Clay's sudden jump in popularity:

I didn't know why because there was not anything happened today so I thought it was very unusual,but I found out the reason.
They featured someone's blog in their main page and the blogger was Clay fan.The blog was about how he transformed from a university student to star and why the blogger likes him(his charity works,his voice,etc,etc,etc)
Bloomingclay said a bunch of popular newspapers in Korea picked up the story:
The translated version of the stories were posted by Bloomingclay as well:
Who is Clay Aiken?

Clay Aiken,Idol singer who is very popular in the US was the most searched in the website and became the hot topic among internet users.

It seemed that Clay Aiken was introduced through a blog in internet portal website and internet users kept searching about him thinking 'Who is Clay Aiken?'

Clay Aiken is the singer with beautiful appealing voice and was the runner-up in season 2 American Idol. At that time he was not that noticeable because of his skinny appearance but now he is one of the most successful singer from that show.Especially he was chosen for 'the most sexiest male singer' in the US.
Angelic Clay Aiken,Unicef Goodwill Ambassador

Clay Aiken who is the hot topic among internet users also has the big heart.Aiken is well-known for his major in special education in North Carolina University and his helping people with disabilities

His story of auditioning for AI was also special.He taught a kid with disabilities and his mother made him audition for the show.As a result,he became the runner-up of season2 American Idol with his great singing. 

However,Aiken kept his modesty even after his success of debut album. Unlike other stars who become arrogant after getting famous, he said "I want to use my fame as a tool to raise awareness about children with disabilities." and many people were moved by his attitude.In addition,he actively participated in voluntary works so that gave him the nickname 'Angel'

Now Aiken is works at President Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities in the Bush administration.President Bush appointed him as one of 12 members of the committee.

He also works as Unicef Goodwill Ambassador so he visited Indonesia after tsunami and Uganda.In addition,He runs his own foundation, Bubel/Aiken Foundation for children with disabilities.


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