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Friday, August 31, 2007

Canadian Idol Kalan Porter Releases Sophomore Album

Before you read further, let me tell you that this post isn't Clay related. So if you're only looking for "Clay-formation", you can go ahead and scroll past this post.

Canadian Idol 2 (2004) winner Kalan Porter released his new album Wake Up Living in Canada last week, following up on his double platinum seller 219 Days which came out around the same time as Clay's "Merry Christmas with Love" way back in 2004. That disc spawned several top 40 hits for Kalan in Canada and earned him nods from the MuchMusic video awards and the Junos.

The new album is best described as being intimate; after all, Kalan recorded most of it after taking a break from his hectic musical career to stay close to his family when they found out Kalan's mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

And here's a selection from the album... this video Kalan recorded for the song "Hurry" has got to be the funniest and most creative music video I have ever seen... take a look:

... and if you're looking for something more serious in nature, here's a clip of Kalan singing "True Colours" with CI2 runner up Theresa Sokyrka. Aside from Clay's performances on AI2, this is my all-time favourite Idol performance:

Claynadians ... if you haven't picked up the disc yet, go get one this weekend and show your support for the Canadian music industry, which, in recent years has been overcome with a huge American talent invasion.

As for our American visitors, you can buy the disc off of for a pretty steep price of $30.98... or you can contact one of the Canadian Kalan fans on the Clayboard to purchase a copy for you and ship it to you at cost. However, there has been rumors that Sony BMG is planning to release this disc in the U.S. sometime in September... but that hasn't been confirmed.


ClayKat said...

Hi there,

Thanks for bringing me back to what was for me also, my favourite Canadian Idol performance: True Colours with Kalan and Theresa. So beautiful, so much emotion. I love it when Theresa sings: "... makes you feel so small" and she whispers the word "small"... then smiles big at Kalan. What a moment, I LOVE it! :-) Kalan and Theresa both have a purity, humility and such talent - they are beautiful to listen to and watch.


Bev said...

That is so great that you're showing Canada's very talented Kalan Porter. He's a cutie, some of us even refer to him as Canada's Clay

Coo_Coo4Kalan said...

Hello from Kalan Porter's offical board! I'm just a fan, it's not like I work there :D...

Thanks soooooooo much for putting this info up on Kalan, he really is an amazing Canadian talent :D & his new album "Wake Up Living" is great.

LOVE the Scrabble video.

kfc-Red Deer, Alberta, Canada said...

Thank you so much for showcasing Canadian talent; this adds so much depth to this wonderful claysite...I am impressed by your generosity of spirit.

I love the snark behind the's easy to get caught up in the action and overlook the singing, though....but, it's still ingenious.

It's precious that Kalan would include a grandma in the video...let alone such a conniving, tenacious and intelligent gal....lolol

IMHO, I sincerely hope that Kalan, beautiful as he is, changes his facial expressions more often; I have yet to see him express joy, fun or sheer glee while performing. He does extremely well with the angst; Let's see some happiness and fun, now.

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