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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jeff Foxworthy on Tonight Show - No Clay Mention, But...

Jeff Foxworthy was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. So I stayed up to watch and see if there would be a Clay mention. Unfortunately, Jeff didn't mention anything about Clay or the celebrity shows. He did say that the new kids on the show are real little since its the beginning of the school year, so don't you know that Clay just loved them and they adored him!

Jeff was very funny and quick-witted with his stories, and I hear that Clay outsnarked him during the taping. I'm thinking our guy can outsnark just about anyone. I'd pay a fortune to watch these two southern guys snark back and forth for an hour. My sides would be splitting and hurting so bad by the time they were through!

One of Jeff's jokes tonight: He gave us some fashion tips. He said that if your mom is still driving you to school, you ain't no gangsta, so pull your pants up!!

Another fashion tip from Jeff: If your rear end looks like two raccoons wrestling a 50 pound bag of corn (or something), say NO to spandex!!

Betcha Clay could have come up with a remark about both those jokes!!

They also showed Jeff's brand of barbeque sauce with his picture on it. I wonder if its better than Clay's North Carolina barbeque sauce. These two guys seem to have a few things in common...both from the south, both are very witty, and both love barbeque! Hmmmm, maybe Jeff and Clay would be great partners on the show Clay has always wanted to be on, "The Amazing Race"...that is if Jimmy can't do it!! Mark Burnett...see what you can arrange!

I liked Jeff Foxworthy last year on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Somehow, after yesterday's taping, I think I'm going to love him all the more!


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