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Friday, October 12, 2007

Tidbits 10/12

  • Clay responded on the OFC message board today about the rumor he is to star on the Broadway play Spamalot. While he didn't explicitly say he would not be in it, he did call it "crazy speculation".
  • Variety music critic on who he will review -
    At this point, I don't have to review acts for which I have no affinity -- and that goes across a rather broad spectrum. I will review Barry Manilow, but not Billy Joel; Metallica would get a yes, Axl Rose or Motley Crue a no; certainly Kelly Clarkson, but no to Clay Aiken. The no's get assigned to another reviewer.
  • Raleigh News & Observer - Clay Aiken a fan of Jenna Bush -
    Jenna has a fan in Clay

    Clay Aiken was spotted at a Jenna Bush book signing.

    According to a piece in The New Yorker, the former "American Idol" singer and current UNICEF ambassador "was hiding in a corner" at a launch party for Bush's book, "Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope."

    He was impressed with the book, which tells the story of an HIV-infected teenager in Latin America.

    "I read it on the plane to Afghanistan," he said of the book. "I was quite impressed. I remember thinking she must have had a ghostwriter, but she didn't. She did it herself."
  • TV Envy - AI producers looking for "Next Great American Band" -
    It’s hard to trust reality in a world where everything is scripted on TV, and harder still to trust when voting malfunctions (Clay Aiken) have raised questions and concerns about the viability of Idol in the past.
  • - October 14 in music history mentions 2003 MOAM release -
    In 2003...American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken released his debut album, Measure of a Man.
  • ESPN - random Clay mention in football article -
    David Greene, Patriots Practice Squad QB: He's playing a poor man's Tony Romo in practice this week. Maybe for realism he should also date a poor man's Carrie Underwood: Clay Aiken
  • Christmas tour mentions:
CDD Blogwatch
  • Something That Really Happened - "rewinding" back to Clay's Atlanta AI2 audition
    This week American Idol Rewind will be featuring the Atlanta Auditions which is where Clay auditioned. Hopefully they will show some previously unseen footage, but if not, they will most surely have a little interview.


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