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Monday, October 08, 2007

The Bubel Aiken Fundraisers - 3 A Day To Remember - Part 6

In our ever-growing wonderful list of Bubel Aiken Fundraisers that we have been reporting on, we here at CDD are about to add three more to that list. As I report on these fundraisers, I find it amazing how many people are working so hard to help BAF achieve their dream of having 100 camps come the summer of 2008. I also find it equally amazing at how many people are willing to buy from these fundraisers, many times making sacrifices to do so. Its a great feeling to see so many fans working together.

If you can't afford to purchase something from a fundraiser, remember that there are other ways to help. Spreading the news about them, as we are doing here at CDD, is so important. If you spread the news, even though you can't purchase an item, maybe a few people who hear about it from you will decide to buy something. The ripple affect its called.

And I can't emphasize enough the importance of encouraging those who are behind these fundraisers. It can get very discouraging at times when you feel as though no one wants your item or everyone has forgotten you. Cheer on those who are fundraising. I know from experience just how much that means!

Now, let's look at 3 more fundraisers:

***Favorite Recipes Cookbook sold by Missouri Voices For Inclusion
***BAF Snowflake Ornament sold by The New Englanders for Inclusion Beta Alpha Chapter
***Acrylic Keychains featuring TBAF Star Logo sold by Michigan A Helping Hand For Inclusion

***The Missouri Voices for Inclusion is offering the Favorite Recipes Cookbook for sale to raise funds for The Bubel Aiken Foundation. About 69 cookbooks are left to be purchased.

Favorite Recipes Cookbook has 150 good and unusual recipes to suit everyone's taste including Appetizers & Beverages, Soups & Salads, Vegetables & Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Breads & Rolls, Desserts, Cookies & Candy, This & That. This wonderful cookbook would make a good gift for upcoming events: Birthdays, New Home, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

The cost is $8.00 plus $2.00 S&H on your first cookbook. If you buy more than one cookbook please add only $1.00 more for S&H per additional cookbook ordered to your check or money order made out to THE BUBEL/AIKEN FOUNDATION.

Example: $10.00 for first cookbook; $9.00 for each additonal cookbook ordered.

For more information, and to see how to order and where to send your order to, go to the "Favorite Recipes Cook" for TBAF thread at The Clayboard. The first post in that thread will have all the information that you need for placing your order.

Please join us in "making a difference" through TBAF.

Just in time for the holidays, The New Englanders for Inclusion Beta Alpha Chapter is pleased to offer for sale this lovely snowflake ornament! This is an approved fundraiser, with all proceeds going to the Bubel Aiken Foundation.

The silver tone metal snowflake ornament will include the BAF logo on one side and on the other side the text "Every one unique, everyone included". The size of the ornament is 3 ¼" x 2 ¾". It comes with a silver hanging ribbon and will be packaged in a velour bag.

1 ornament = $20
2 ornaments = $35
3 ornaments = $50
4 ornaments = $70
5 ornaments = $85

Send PayPal payment to: (For more than 5 ornaments, or to pay by check/money order, send email to

Order by the end of October to receive in time for the holidays!

For more ordering information, go to the New England Clay Fans website.

Michigan A Helping Hand For Inclusion is selling Acrylic Keychains featuring TBAF Star Logo to go along with your Clay Aiken concert keychains.

The cost will be $5.50 per keychain with all proceeds benefitting TBAF. Payment will be accepted via paypal, check or money order. PAYPAL PAYMENTS CANNOT BE TIED TO A CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD, please check to see what the prime funding source of your paypal account is before submitting payment. Any payment attempts from a credit card will be denied as this account is not set up to accept anything but cash transactions. The paypal address to send payments to is Please e-mail at this same address if you are paying by check.

For more information contact Michigan: A Helping Hand for Inclusion at MI.AHHFI @ You can also read more about this fundraiser at their Clayboard thread: TBAF Star Logo Keychains.

Next time, we will talk about a very important fundraiser -- Wrapping For Inclusion. Be sure to read this one!!


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