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Friday, October 12, 2007

Clay Attends "Man of LaMancha" at the North Carolina Theatre

According to Raleighlady at Clayversity, Clay attended the North Carolina Theatre's production of "Man of LaMancha" last night in Raleigh. She says:

We went to the NC Theatre's production of Man of LaMancha. There were five people in our group - 3 from my office and 2 from a bank (they were hosting us). At intermission, one girl from our office and the guy from the bank decided to go down to the Backer's Club for drinks and asked if we wanted to go. We decided to just stay in our seats. So just before the second act began, they came back, sat down and the girl from our office very casually said, "Clay Aiken was down there." I was like, "WHAAAAAAAAAT? WHY.DIDN'T.YOU.COME.GET.ME????" She said, "Are you a fan?" And I said, "Good Lord YES!" She said she didn't know (she's new in the office and I guess hadn't heard about the crazy lady). She said that he was mingling with everyone and that he was much taller and bigger than she had any idea and that his voice was very distinctive and could be heard over everyone else. Not that it was loud but that it was so distinctive. She actually had stars in her eyes. I think another one fell. Funny how people who haven't seen him since AI are just blown away when they see him now.

So then the second act started and then afterwards we were separated so I didn't get to ask who he was with, what he was wearing or what his hair looked like. And she's out of the office tomorrow so it will be Monday before I get any more details. I could just KICK myself because I'm not a drinker.

Oh and Clay's listed in the program as a donor to the NC Theatre in the $5,000-$10,000 Director level.
Thanks to Raleighlady for this information!


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