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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Perfect Ending Landing - Claymates Fly Home With Clay ... (well, kind of)

Some lucky Claymates lucked out when they found out that they were flying back to North Carolina on the Delta Airlines same flight as Clay. Now there's a ticket money can't buy!

Clayversity's Cindydoe and NCClayFan fill us in:

Clay was on our flight home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is that hyperventilate emoticon when you need it??? As we sat on the plane, NCClayfan had just said to me, "As long as that door is open, there is still hope." 10 seconds later, there he is! Of course, we didn't say anything, but he had to notice the difference in cabin pressure as the three of us gasped for breath at the same time.

I'm sure I'll have a bruise on my arm and leg tomorrow from the two Mary Ann's. He sat 4 rows behind us and across the isle with Jamie. He was in the window seat. We did not turn around to stare, that was hard ya'll!

When the stewardess came with drinks, we jokingly and quietly asked her if we could have Clay Aiken's cup. She said, "So that was him! I thought it looked like him!" Hee..
We wondered if he would be at baggage check, what should we say to him, if anything. We decided we would get off the plane as usual and give him his privacy. But, we did write a note on our Delta napkin:
It read:

Thanks for the tour, it was " Off the Chain!"

We got off the plane and asked the stewardess if she would give it him, she said she would. We got to where he couldn't see us, and peeped though a tiny window and watched as he stood in the door of the plane and read "our" note.

Yes, we are 12 years old!

He was wearing cargo shorts(shock, I know) and a white polo shirt, and clean fluffy hair.

That was certainly the icing on our sweet cake of a weekend!!!
One ticket to see Clay Aiken -- $100.00
4 days of CLAY in Florida -- Over $1000.00
CLAY AIKEN on your return flight home -- PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He was on our plane....He was on our plane.....

We breathed the same air for 2 hours.......

My heart is still racing.
I kid you not, I looked left toward cindy to I say, 'As long as that doors open, there's still a chance." I looked back towards that door and THERE HE WAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gasped so deep my chest hurts.
I was looking out the tiny peep hole giving a play by play, "He's in the doorway. She handeded it him. He's reading it" After he read it he looked up and I am pretty sure I saw a smile. He held the note in his hand as he went over to claim his bag that was on a rolling cart beside the plane. As he headed out to the awaiting car, he still had it in his hand.


Anonymous said...

I would do anything to see him in concert. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks, great story. So nice you didn't bother him and good thinking to get a note to him. Since he kept it in his hand I am sure it meant something to him. I am sure it made his day. Great line , he is so off the chain!!!

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