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Friday, August 24, 2007

eBay Auctions to Benefit TBAF

Three eBay auctions, approved by the Bubel Aiken Foundation, is underway to raise money for the TBAF. On the auction block are 3 tour memorabilia from the 2007 Summer tour and the 2006 Christmas tour.

These items are signed by Clay and/or Jesse Vargas (Clay's musical director and arranger) Faye Parker, and Diane Bubel. Bids are being accepted until August 30.

  • Original score of The Classics medley (Jesse Vargas called it the "Unexpected Medley") ... click here to see the eBay page.
    By special donation to benefit The Bubel Aiken Foundation, Jesse Vargas, musical director and arranger for Clay Aiken, has generously donated his ORIGINAL "Classics Medley" score for singers and orchestra. Arranged by Jesse Vargas, as performed by Clay Aiken with back up singers Angela Fisher and Quiana Parler; also with local area orchestras. Autographed by CLAY AIKEN & JESSE VARGAS.

    Jesse actually titled the medley "The Unexpected Symphony" and UNEXPECTED is right, as we will never be able to think of big butts, tractors, beating IT, bringing sexy back, and virgins the same way ever again. You could be the owner of an original piece of what has became the "get out of your seats and boogie" HIT of this summer's nationwide Clay Aiken blockbuster tour.
  • Clay Aiken purse, signed by Faye Parker, Diane Bubel and Clay ... click here for the eBay page -
    What Clay fan wouldn't want a cute, hand-crafted, cigar box CLAY purse? Especially one signed by Clay himself! Decorated with a picture of Clay taken during the American Idol tour, artistic appliqué ribbon, and glass bead handle, this is a versitale purse that can be used every day or for special occasions. The original owner of the purse asked both Clay's mother Faye and Diane Bubel to sign it at the "Clayvention" held in Raleigh in March of 2004. The only missing element was Clay's signature.

    When the purse was donated to the Inclusion Revolution Brigade for auction to raise funds at our chapter's Pala pre-concert party for the BAF, we knew that if we held off on it's sale until we obtained Clay's signature we would have a real "Clack Keeper" for sure that would merit it's rightful place in our first Inclusion Revolution Brigade fund raising charity auction.

    We were thrilled when Faye herself helped us get the needed signatures for our items while she was in southern California for the 2007 summer tour. She knew, as we did, that the monetary value of our items would raise exponentially with the addition of Clay's autograph, and since we are a BAF Voices of Beta Alpha chapter, she graciously took our items to Clay for him to sign.
  • 2006 Christmas tour conducting baton signed by Jesse Vargas ... click here for eBay page -
    When asked to donate items to raise funds for The Bubel Aiken foundation, Jesse Vargas, Clay Aiken's tour director and musical arranger, went far and beyond hero status. Not only did he generously donate the ORIGINAL SCORE to the "Classics Medley" performed at the 2007 "An Evening With Clay Aiken" summer tour, but he also provided a special item from the 2006 "A Joyful Noise" Christmas tour. In this auction we are proud to offer the BATON used to conduct the orchestras that accompanied Clay during the 2006 Christmas tour.

    This baton is a wonderful gift of musical memorabilia that will bring much joy to any Clay fan. The baton is signed by Jesse Vargas only. Clay was asked to sign the baton as well but decided not to because he feels the baton belongs to the musical conductor and thus, out of respect for this position, wanted the baton to bear only Jesse's signature. This act by Clay makes the baton even more special, as once again Clay displayed the qualities of a consummate performer who values the work of all of his fellow musicians.


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