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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Orlando's "Because You Loved Me" - One More Time

So I went to YouTube today and searched for "Clay Aiken - Orlando". The first thing that came up was what I wanted to watch..."Because You Loved Me". I was there for that song...the last time sung at the last concert of this amazing tour. I wanted to watch it again and see and feel the special relationship between Clay and his fans. That relationship is personified in that Orlando song. The smiles on his face as he looks around and sees everyone waving the lightsticks, the emotion in his voice and in his eyes. It left me with an indescribable feeling as I watched it. Every smile on his face soared right into my heart. I found myself smiling, then my smile melting into a puddle of tears, then back into a smile again. Every time I saw a light stick in the audience, it made me proud to be a part of the best group of fans in the world. It made me proud to be a fan of someone as very special as Clay is.

So I wanted to share this YouTube video of "Because You Loved Me" with all of you to watch one more time. Or two or ten or, well, that's up to you. Its worth watching many times over.


Anonymous said...

Clay's detracters have done everything they can to bring this young man down, still he stands strong because he knows his fans believe in him. I'm sure that the detracters are still trying to think of new ways to hurt him, but his fans are wise to them and it is getting old in the media, too, some of the more intelligent media are starting to get smart and see what is really going on with that. Of course there are those with lower mentalitiy that will never get it.

I was also in Orlando that night and it was a beautiful sight to see all those glowsticks come out after the venue people had been so mean to Clay fans in general. That song was a fitting end to every concert and to the summer tour and Clay felt it in his heart every night he sang it, but most of all that last night in Orlando. I don't know of any other entertainer who has had to put up with so much crap being thrown at him. Clay does not deserve that, he's had more than his share, and it is time for people to move on and let him alone as well as his fans.

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