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Friday, June 13, 2008

New Biography Up at the Official Fan Club

An impressive and thorough biography is now on the public side of Clay's Official Fan Club. Go to the OFC's home page and click on "Biography" for a drop down of the lengthy biography. And actually, we've saved you the trouble of clicking on "Biography". Click on our link above and you will go straight there!

This is an awesome read. It covers his tours, TV appearances, CD's, Spamalot, his philanthropy work, and even talks of his value system and his fans, going into great detail on each of these items. About the fans and his value system, it says:

He has done all of this while maintaining an enviable humility and down-home charm. Appealing to both kids and parents, Aiken is that rare find — a celebrity with integrity.

Aiken's clear and unshakable value system was formed during his often challenging childhood in Raleigh, North Carolina, where, in church and in his southern home, he learned the importance of hard work, self respect, and good manners....

....This accessible, genuine personality, along with his powerhouse voice, has given Aiken a legendarily loyal fanbase. In 2005, TV Guide readers voted Aiken "the most-loved reality star of all time." In February 2006, People magazine readers chose Aiken as their favorite American Idol. While slightly embarrassed by the attention and unbridled devotion of his so-called Claymates, Aiken remains gracious and appreciative of their continued, unwavering support — even the ones who throw their panties onstage. ("Especially them!" jokes Aiken.)
Those who read this will see "the real Clay", and the real Clay is amazingly talented, giving, full of integrity, and down to earth. From the loyal fan to those who have never heard of Clay, you can't help but be extremely impressed with the person that Clay is and his many accomplishments in the last 5 years.

Check out this biography, and share it with those who maybe haven't seen the extraordinary person, Clay Aiken.


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