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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Clay at Spamalot Sunday Night

According to Notacanuck at the Clackhouse, Clay was in the audience at Spamalot on Sunday night. Here is what she said:

OMG!!!!! I'm on the phone with BJ & BFS!!!!! Clay was at the show tonight!!!!! He was sitting in row T in the center....Jamie was sitting with him and they also saw Jerome! Clay was wearing a plaid shirt and shorts....sunglasses in the V of his shirt!!!!!! His hair is a little darker!!!!!

They are outside taking pictures and Rick and David and Brad and the guy who plays Mrs. Galahad and Tom and some of the other cast have been out! They're still waiting for Hannah!!!!

brb with more update!!!!!!

ETA: Hannah was crying at the end!!!!! Chris Sieber brought out her roses!!!! BFS is getting lots of pictures!!!!

Here is another report from Okclayhoman at The Clayboard:
From butterflyshine at the OFC:

there was no press there....

Okay, back to recap the Clay friend and I had been in standing room, at intermission we sat down in the last row, row t....the seats across from us were empty...all the sudden my friend nudged me, and said something i couldn't understand...i then realized it was Clay and Jamie...apparently they had arrived at intermission....and i guess he stood in SRO right behind me and my friend for a few minutes before taking the seats....So, SRO got a treat...Tyra from Tara was standing there, two of the McVargas girls and ConEd....He sat there watching the show until right after the King kisses the LOL in the wedding scene...and then he was gone...when we were at stage door....Jerome came out looking for one of the cast members who had just left and called him back...

I was so happy that Clay was able to see Hannah's performance...she was crying ....and Chris Seiber gave her roses....

Tom Deckman told us at the matinée that he would be a hot mess tonight...Hannah was truly loved and part of the Spamalot family...she will be so missed...she has such amazing stage presence and charisma.....

be back with some photos of the Steve was his last night as well, Tom, Rick, and David....
This was Hannah Waddingham's last night in Spamalot, so apparently he went to see her last show. No pictures have been released yet, but if there are any, we'll post them here at CDD.


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