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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's Hot From Spamalot

The hottest news from Spamalot today is the $200 pictures and the mega bidding for two chickens!!

  • First, people were lining up to have their pictures made with Clay, Tom, and Rick as well as autographed for a mere $200 donation to Broadway Cares. Read on to hear about this exciting news from Spamalot:

    From The Clayboard:
    marialuvsclay just called everyone had the opportunity to go on stage and have a pic with Clay, Rick, and Tom for $200.00 for Broadway Cares...the whole audience is doing it..LOL
    From CV>>>>>>>smittenwithclay post

    Elied Called..

    she said they had to cut it off, they couldnt get through everyone..she thinks they may do it for the rest of the time (just a guess, nobody told her that)

    She said that the king said they would be doing this until Clays last day and they were really dreading that (awwwwww)

    You had to line up to get your picture taken, and many many people lined up...she didnt have an estimation, but they didnt get through everyone. Eleid didnt get her picture taken, she is hoping they do it tomorrow (she got the impression that they would) because she has to ask her husband..she said and I quote "when your married honey, you cant just spend 200 dollars like that without checking with him" haha

    she said people were trying to take pictures of the picture taking and security was kind of irritated

    she said he was great, dancing was cute..

    claymeanslove got her picture taken!

    it was the poloroid camera, and they all autographed the pic

    no stagedoor
    From d4kkkks at The Clayboard:
    Except cash, they accept credit cards and personal checks for $200. My Friend without hesitation agreed and she got group Polaroid size picture of Sir Lancelot, Sir Robin and Prince Herbert inserted in already autograph card by 3 of them. It's not meet and greet. No hugging, only picture taking. Only Spamalot official photography are allowed. I think there will be no future SD until this Broadway cares fund raising is over.
    LMD12 at The Clayboard tells about her experience getting her picture taken with Clay, Tom, and Rick:
    I had my picture taken with Clay, Rick and Tom last night. It was so much fun. Thankfully they did accept credit cards. It does go pretty fast but when I was walking toward them Rick said "what's you name?" and held out his hand to shake mine. I said "Laurie" and he said "Hi Laurie" and I just replied "Hi". Clay then put out his hand to shake it and said "Hi Laurie" and I said "Hi Clay". I then stood between Clay and Rick with our arms around each other and they took the picture. Tom was on the other side of Clay. They all said "thank you" and I was handed my picture. I was then very happy to notice all 3 signatures on the card they insert the photograph into.
  • In addition to raising money for Broadway Cares by selling the pictures, an auction to purchase Clay's rubber chickens took place the other night. Read on to see what took place: Claylily tells us that Clay auctioned off his chicken!
    Just got a call from my friend at the theater tonight. Clay is auctioning off his chicken - it's up to $3200. He's going to hug and kiss the winner. They're also going to do the pictures tonight but the cost is $300. Wow, there are two people bidding so he's going to sell 2 chickens for $3500 each!!!

    Chicken auction is over - cast now singing "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life".
    Clayshines tells us this about the "chicken auction":
    from the CH -

    More on tonight from dksfriend at CV:

    On the phone with my friend again. There are about 25-30 people in line for pictures - she got hers and she loves it! Now she is waiting in line to pay. It was quick but everyone (Tom, David and Clay) was very sweet, friendly and grateful for the contributions. Clay told another friend (who was bidding on the chicken but didn't win) that she has to "try harder" next time there's an auction!! They were also selling the signed Playbills and signed posters again tonight.

    On the phone with my friend again. The two chicken winner ladies just went up on stage to get their signed chickens and to pose for "cheek to cheek" photos with Clay. One of the chicken winner ladies was in SRO; as she was bidding she walked up to the front closer to the stage. At one point she said to Clay (paraphrasing)- "I'll give you $2000 for the chicken if you give me a hug too". Clay agreed and Rick said something like "I'll do whatever you want to that chicken for $2000!" Needless to say the bids went up after Clay agreed to include a hug!!

    My friend was just chatting with one of the "Laker Girls" - she was AMAZED that two rubber chickens sold for a total of $7000!!!
    More from the CH -

    From CV...
    My friend just remembered something else about the chicken auction. After the one woman offered $2000 if Clay would give her a hug, he said something like "for $3000 I'll give you a hug AND a kiss". There was some hesitation among the bidders, so Clay started licking his lips. Needless to say, more bids quickly followed. The rest of the cast was laughing SO hard at Clay's antics during the auction!!!!

    After the lady bid 2500 and asked for a hug and Clay said "if you bid 3000 Ill give you a hug and a kiss"

    Trying to tease them with the chicken, put his index finger like he was brushing is teeth like he was getting ready for the kiss

    ...she could tell the cast was amazed at him working the crowd.
    He was really playing up the kiss possibility to get them to bid higher...smacking his lips and stuff


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