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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tidbits 4/17

Yahoo TV highlights Clay in their special feature on American Idol success:

Clay Aiken is the reason why so many "American Idol" also-rans dream of the "wild card" policy being reinstated. The skinny pencil-necked kid with the unexpectedly mature voice was eliminated early on in Season 2, but he was invited back to the show as a wild card contestant. After that, he never landed in the bottom three, becoming a massive fan favorite and making it all the way to the finale. He eventually lost to Ruben Studdard, but given all the attention he received after "Idol" (he made the cover of "Rolling Stone" before Ruben did, for instance), he was clearly Season 2's REAL winner. Still the top-selling "Idol" runner-up of all time with 5 million albums sold, and now a hit on Broadway in "Spamalot," Clay is readying his first album of all-original material in five years, "On My Way Here." And with a title track penned by Midas-touched hit-maker Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, Clay's new CD is sure to carry on his "wild" success.

  • ClearChannel Music on Demand - you can now stream Clay's "On My Way Here" single on the main ClearChannel and affiliated ClearChannel radio station websites.
  • Real Television - At this site is an article about On My Way Here. Here is an exerpt:
    The message of the lyrics — how the lessons we learn while growing up shape us into who we become as adults — struck such a deep chord with Aiken that it wound up inspiring the theme (and title) of his new collection.

    “I thought if we could find songs along those lines, that deal with my life over the past five years and what I’ve learned from my experiences, it would be a great concept for an album,” Aiken says. “Since I got into this business, I’ve learned so much about myself and about life and the world. I’m nowhere near an expert, but this album has taken on the form of addressing how far I’ve come in those five years and how I feel like I’ve found myself.”
  • Roald Dahl's Willie Wonka Junior - This blog tells of a possible new stylist for Clay:
    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 Hmm..... Hmmm.... what's everybody up too? I'm bored right now. I guess I write about that a lot, but I havent been bored all day. That's an improvment isn't it? So yeah I've been hanging out with my grandma and my uncle Tommy who came in from New York. He's really cool. He's a model and his girlfriend is Nicole Schniedier (I did not spell that right) who is a stylist. She'll be working with Clay Aiken soon which is kind cool. So yeah I'm hanging out with him and my uncle and yea thats kind of it. My birthday is in 2 weeks so I'm excited about that. I'll be 15!!!!! HAZAH! YES!!
    Posted by Broadwaydude93 at 1:39 PM
  • Clay's MySpace - There is a new message from Clay at his MySpace site. Just look where the songs are listed, and it is below
    On My Way Here
    . Go to the site and check out what Clay has to say!
  • Roanoke Times doesn't get the obsession with AI7 finalist David Archuleta -
    Isn’t it the same for David Archuleta? Beyond his voice, I just don’t see the appeal. I don’t get why girls scream for him every time he takes the stage. It baffles me the way the judges drool over his performances, even the not-so-good ones. Where’s the "it" factor? He’s a timid, awkward teenager blessed with a good voice.

    The whole phenomenon reminds me of America’s fascination with Clay Aiken during season two. I never understood that one, either. (Sorry, Claymates!)
  • Lycos 50 PR - Clay #4 this week
  • Entertainment Weekly - AI -
    What's next? I start watching Dancing with the Stars? I buy a Clay Aiken CD? I stop being totally creeped out by all these group numbers in which the Idol contestants sing about God and praying?
  • Alamogordo Daily News - random mention ...
    What has now taken place is that the ACLU has pinned pointy ears on our deputies and turned them into Clay Aiken elf wannabes with no power other than to sing magical chants in the hope that one day the rule of law will return to the kingdom.
  • MTV Asia grades the AI7 contestants on Mariah Carey night -
    David Cook
    Song: "Always Be My Baby"
    Verdict: Goo Goo Balls

    Songwriter Mariah was like a proud mama when she heard David strum "Always Be My Baby." "He could have a hit with that song!" (She immediately began celebrating by frolicking in a nearby fountain.) I'll admit, I rolled my eyes when I first heard him practice in front of Il Diva. I'm starting to grow tired of David's "I'll sing pop songs slowly and angrily" shtick.

    (It also got us thinking about past "Idol" season-stealing performances from Kelly Clarkson, Melinda Doolittle, Blake Lewis, Clay Aiken and others.)
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