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Monday, April 14, 2008

What's Hot From Spamalot

What's Hot From Spamalot has taken a little vacation, but is back today.

  • Here's a Clay mention at a blog by Budohatkid:
    so, i FINALLY saw Spamalot last night.....BUT....i still enjoyed the show immensely and just about peed myself laughing during the Herbert/Lancealot scene. AND...CLAY AIKEN WAS INCREDIBLE!!! i'm serious...i mean, obviously his voice is just out-of-this-world...but he was HILARIOUS. sometimes, it seemed he was the only one who cared...the only one who was enjoying himself. he was the best person on that stage and he made it ALL worth it if anything!!! i was so happy to see that he truly is talented...and beyond what i expected!!
    Go to the blog site to read the rest of her Spamalot comments.

  • Here's a good review from ChrispyCreme at The Clayboard
    To start off a new week, especially for those who are going the first time, I hope I can add some things about the show that haven't already been reported. Myself, Claymate Peggie, and KalideoscopeGirl, saw the show on 8 and 9 April.

    Our seats were in the middle of the 6th row. A great view of everything. The theatre is very small and compact. We were literally wedged in between a lot men, shoulder to shoulder. I could not tell for sure if it was sold out, but it appeared to be packed.

    I have never seen a funnier show. I know I went through at least ½ pack of Kleenex because the tears were streaming down my face. I don't have to tell you Clay did a marvelous job of his roles. However does he keep such a straight face when everyone in the audience is losing it?

    At the end of the first show, I almost caught the bouquet. The man beside me really tried to get it for me, but it fell just short of his hands. I am sure he did that because I spent some time telling him all about Clay before the show. He was familiar with him, but of course, not as knowledgeable as we are. He thought Clay did a great job. I did get an autograph scribble at the stage door. Strangely, 5 of the men in row left during intermission. Curious.

    It was our second day that is the most memorable. We started by trying to exchange our tickets for better ones, as we had been told, at the box office, the day before we could do that. However, when we tried, we were rather rudely rebuffed. The man just could not understand why we would want to move when all the seats are good. Poor clueless soul!

    So on Wednesday morning, we approached the same man a little differently. We asked if he had any really good seats available for 3. He came back and very nicely told he had 3 in the first row, almost centre. (The other man in the box-office said to him, 'Oh, you are being nice now'). We debated for a bit about the cost of new tickets, decided we might not get to NY again and bought them. I was almost in shock by this time. But, now, we needed to sell our original seats which were rows 2 and 3 on the sides.

    We went to the theatre a little early and asked various Clay fans if they would like to upgrade at a discount. One seat sold pretty quickly. After asking several people about my seats, I found that nearly everyone I asked was already in the first 2 rows.

    Then, a couple approached the doors looking a little confused. They said they were Python fans from Utah and wanted to see the show, but the website said it was SOLD OUT…After a bit of convincing, I assured them the seats were legitimate and they bought them. Whew. At intermission, they came and found me and said how glad they were that they had taken a chance and that Clay was fabulous. I made sure to direct their attention the new CD ad in the Playbill.

    As has been said, Faye, Quiana, and Angela were all in the audience. Clay was really, really "on" that night. The audience seemed more enthusiastic also. In the 1st row, our noses were almost on the stage and we could see Sean in the orchestra pit. He is all business during the show. Once, I looked over my shoulder at Faye and saw that she was just beaming with pride in her son. We also noticed that Angela put her hands over her young son's ears at some of the racy dialogue.

    A couple of times I saw Clay break character for just a few seconds as he scanned the audience. I doubt he could see beyond the 1st or 2nd rows. Also, when the audience cheered some his antics, he got a little smirky smile at the corners of his mouth. He knew we were there for him. During the scene with Tim the Enchanter, Clay was mouthing the dialogue, but trying to be casual about it and the cast member playing Tim was looking to him. The first night, it was done by Anthony Holds in place of Rick Holmes. I forgot to look at the blue board the next night.

    When Clay took his bow, we gave him a huge standing "O". It looked like this occurred at least 4-5 rows back, and he received the loudest cheering and applause.
  • Sandiclay gives us this review:
    Just got back from the matinee into Baltimore. The show was FANTASTIC today. I have seen it quite a few times but today topped them all. I guess it was partly due to my second row center seat and seeing Clay so close and right in front of me So HOT! As has been said in the past, you can hear him sing away from the group when seated so close. No need to repeat every move he makes, just that he is so perfect for the part as we all know. Boy is Spamalot/Camelot going to miss Clay Aiken!!

    I did see Kevin Bacon there with his adorable son and wife Kyra. Kevin is much smaller than I thought he we would but very nice looking. As someone else mentioned, he was purchasing a t-shirt for his son when I almost bumped right into him.

    Back to Spamalot!! Clay looked oh so hot in his finale number but was pulling down on his pants a few times to straighten them out. I did notice a lining in them down to his knees. I guess wardrobe fixed them. I do not remember seeing the lining in the past. However, maybe it was always there, alot of white pants have them.

    Sir Galahad has gotten better since his firt night. I did see him leaving from the stage door. He is very tall and handsome with curly black hair! I did not see any of the other actors come out however. Jerome came out to our dismay and stated Clay would not be out because of the timing-I heard of no meeting as was previously stated. LOTL was also magnificent today-man she has a big voice to match her chest!!! She is so tall and beautiful. Once again Prince Herbert and Sir Lancelot make such a cute couple and the tower scene gets better each time. I think Rick had a haircut. The friend I brought along thought King Arthur was hot so there is someone and something for everyone in this show!!!

    I will miss seeing this show with Clay in it. It is such a fun show for everybody and everyone seems to enjoy it. Today the audience was on fire and laughing pretty much through out the entire show.

    Try and see this show if you can get to NYC. You will not be sorry. Thanks for reading.

Finally, we have some really great pictures of Clay sporting the "windblown" look! Enjoy!!


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