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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tidbits 9/22

  • The 4th Annual TBAF Craft sale, run by the CB's alliicat raised an astounding $6681.25!
    A week or two ago I had really no hope that the 4th annual craft sale would catch up to last year's total of $6374.00.

    But we DID

    The 4th Annual Craft Sale for TBAF made a Grand Total of $6681.25 image


    Thank you to everyone who made a purchase big or small. image
    Thank you to everyone who posted a link at another site or sent emails to your friends. image
    Thank you to everyone who bumped the thread or posted encouragement. image
    Thank you to the Clayboard for hosting it for the 4th year image

    Here's the breakdown for those like me who like statistics. image
    This is with pre-sales and on-line sales combined.

    239 magnetic calendars = $1434.00
    55 packs of ScareClay notecards = $385.00
    63 ScareClay t-shirts = $630.00
    84 sets of bookmarks = $420.00
    72 sets of bumper stickers = $432.00
    23 Claytoon and ScareClay transfers = $115.00
    93 keychains = $465.00
    6 games = $60.00
    9 little bears = $90.00
    79 pairs of Bead for Life earrings and 34 necklaces and sets = $1563.00
    10 tote bags = $92.00
    148 light pens = $592.00
    47 silk purses = $94.00
    16 packs of Christmas cards = $80.00
    159 gift bags =$229.25
CDD Blogwatch
  • All That Is Clay Aiken reflects on ATDW, 1 year later -
    When "A Thousand Different Ways" dropped, the critics said that Clay Aiken should not release an albums of covers as his second pop album. It has since gone gold with little radio play and promotion. Not too bad, huh?

    One thing I do know is I love "A Thousand Different Ways". I do not think there has been a single day that I have not played this album since it was released. There is one song on this album that I wish that it had been released as a single. Of course my opinion is that it is a "classic".
  • ... here is a beautiful montage, "Broken Wings", by renee4clay, included in the blog above:


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