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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SCAM ALERT: Liars, Clay Posers Send E-mail to Clay's Daily Double

We're joining our friend at Chexxxy's Pearls to warn you about a sick group of people pretending to be Clay, or to be Clay's friend in an attempt to derail the Clay nation by tarnishing Clay's image.

In her post on Sunday night, Chexxxy wrote:

While I compose the next installment, consider this. The Imposters are presenting the image of the exact Clay Aiken that the haters have created. Their version is a drunk, smokes like a chimney, is HIV positive, swears like a sailor, cruises the internet sites for one night stands, cheats on his girlfriend, is confused about his sexuality, is bi-polar and on medication for depression and suicidal thoughts. This is exactly what his detractors have wanted the fans to believe, that he isn't the man we know him to be and the stalker would like the fans to know that he is Clay's confidant and that he talks to him on Instant messages, phone calls and texting.
Today, Clay's Daily Double received an email from what appears to be another member of this disgusting organization, urging us to stop publishing details about their scam:
My sister is the innocent victim of a poser. She has been believing this poser for quite a while until two days ago when all hell broke loose. Unfortunately, other people have been pushing her forward as the main culprit, when she is not even that. She is a victim who is heartbroken. She is a young single mother of one young daughter and another on the way. (Early 20's). She found out yesterday that Chexxy was going to post her private information as the "ring leader" when she was a victim! My sister has no one to protect her if her personal information was given out and she fears for the sake of her daughter's safety. She has been stressing for two days, which is not good for a pregnant woman in her second trimester.

I heard tonight that your blog was going to post her information. I beg of you not to. She is an innocent victim who is being wrongly accused. Please look into your heart and reconsider. Sle already has enough on her plate. If you have any further questions, please contact me. Please let me know either way. Have a good night.
Claymates... this post is a heads up and a call for us to band together. Long live the Clay nation!

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