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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Clay Eats Lunch in New York With Tyra Banks

Rainlover at The Clayboard posted the following bit of very interesting information for us:

Posted by Stripedshirt at CV

Here's a little something exclusive: I found out today where Clay had lunch this weekend, and with whom.

Here's how I found out. I went to a pretaping -- AND -- Got a little fun scoop from the Tyra Banks Show!

Since Tyra's show has moved here, I got a tkt to go this afternoon. The guest was Rachel Zoe, Celebrity Stylist to the stars and she is promoting her book called "Style A to Zoe, The Art of Fashion, Beauty, and Everything Glamour"

And during the segment where Tyra covered 'F for First Class', she shared a little tidbit about where to get a really great meal, first class style -- it's a place that we read about from a few months back: JEAN GEORGES. Dinner at Jean Georges can run you $100+ apiece - but if you go during lunch, you can still get the same great dishes for 1/4 of the price! And right after she mentioned that she let slip that she had lunch w/ Clay (said it like this 'Claay.....AIKEN!' w/ a big smile & bounce) there a few months back. She didn't reveal what she & he ate - but did share that she paid for the first lunch. The 2nd lunch w/ him was just this past wknd, which he returned the favor. She mimicked Clay w/ " 'Oh, ah'll pay', w/ that Southern accent of his" and she also said "Of course you are!"

It was so totally unexpected. As soon as I heard his name mentioned, I squealed and clapped. Nobody else did - they just sat and stared, either not knowing who Tyra mentioned or didn't heck w/ you people' .... I was darn happy & proud I heard his name mentioned, & w/ such admiration. & I love that she shared this - shows to me, as well off as she is based on her growing enterprise & fabulous modelling career, she can still be frugal, budget conscious -just like our Clay.

So now we can connect something else he did this wknd - caught The Color Purple, had lunch w/ a buddy.

Later, I chatted w/ one the producers. I congratulated him & Tyra for the show doing well & bringing it to NYC. I also showed him the little Clay pin I had on my lapel, & expressed how sad I didn't get a chance to show it off to Tyra. The pin was the size of a nickel, but Clay's face was prominantly on it. The producer immediately recognized him; & said "Oh! what a show that was -- the women were CRAZY!" then he caught himself & quickly said "but it was a GREAT show! I loved the rapport between him and Tyra" I had bust out laughing, thinking about how it went last Oct. when Clay first came to show & how those who were lucky enough to attend, blew the minds of those producers who had their hands full that day. Our unbridled enthusiasm certainly leaves a memorable mark every show Clay goes to. Nobody knows when/if Clay will come back to Tyra's show, but we can be sure he will when the time comes for that cd (or whatever else he's got to promote).

I also got a bit of nice loot from the show. Rachel Zoe's book is a nice style guide - she's dressed alot of celebs & will be doing a book signing in the city in October when it's released.

No air date has been announced yet for this show, will have to find it under the topic "Rachel Zoe - Style A to Zoe" book promo on Tyra's website - but my hunch is Oct. since that's when the book is released. Hopefully if the Clay mention isn't edited out, you will hear it when she covers the "F" section in Rachel's book. That certainly made my 1st Tyra show experience. So in case you wanna set your vcrs/'s a little something to look forward to in a few weeks


velvetalice said...

Always great to hear Clay's name mentioned...Lucky you :) Thanks for sharing..If you find out a definite date for the show, please let us know :)

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