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Monday, September 22, 2008

Meeting New Friends, Experiencing friendship

I was reading a post by Sue4AllYouDo at the Clayboard and I thought it was such a warm and familiar story that I would share it with our subscribers just in case they had missed it.

Last minute decisions.....they sometimes end up being the best late last night when I was invited to go into the city with a Clay Fan that I have never met!!! OH, what the heck, of course......the auction will be fun and I'll get to see Clay again!!!! I pulled up a single of the best seats in the house because it is dead what a view!!!
I was at the 7:00 show.....I think the new King has been taking lessons from Clay on "tunic flipping". This new King is fun to watch because he flips the front of his tunic around as he joyfully dances. Verra, Verra Nice!! The new Lady of the Lake was more interesting and diva-like tonight. She is getting a bit more bold with her part and it is very good and funny. I was surrounded by NJU's and they thoroughly enjoyed the show. Clay was great and the entire audience was responsive to him at all the right times. It was a good crowd. I noticed one really cute thing that Clay did at the very end. I didn't notice the usual salute.....instead he turned his back to the audience and shook his cute butt around...I think he is enjoying himself and really getting a kick out of dancing to the "Always Look On The Bright Side of Life" song!!!

I have the wedding bouquet. There were 2 couples sitting right behind me, one couple from New York and the other couple from California. We struck up a conversation right from the start. They wanted to know everything about Clay and I was happy to tell them. They laughed throughout the entire show and they could understand why Clay's fans would come to see him multiple times. When the Lady of the Lake threw the bouquet, the lady from California caught it. I congratulated her and told her the bouquet makes a wonderful souvenier of her visit to Spamalot. She insisted that I have it. She said it would mean more to me than to her and that I should keep it with all my Clay memorabilia. Not only do we get to meet up with new friends that we've only "talked" to on the internet, but we also get to share a few hours of friendship with complete strangers.....all perks of being a Clay Aiken fan!!!

The peasant was B101 again tonight. She seemed to be a fan, but she missed giving Sir Robin a handshake, and he was sooooooo disappointed!!!

Stage was mentioned earlier, Jerome said that Clay would not be coming out...he thought it wouldn't be fair to the afternoon crowd who could not have a Stage Door visit because of the Auction. We politely moaned a bit and I think Jerome realized that there were some fans there that might not get another chance to see Clay. He took a gal's book back in with him for Clay to sign. The 2 girls I came in with (Hi Gayle and Theresa!!!!) wanted to leave, but I insisted that we stay because I just had a feeling that Clay would come out.....and he did!!! He looked wonderful in his white hoody and he was very chatty. I don't know if it's his new hair color or if the lighting was just right, but his eyes were incredibly green tonight....he is a very handsome young man........sorry, we all know that don't we!!!!

So, my last minute decision was a very good one!!! Thanks to my "new" friends Gayle and Theresa for including me in on their plans!!! It was so nice to see Nancy's been too long girl.....and Jonathan and family, too!! The auction was really fun and Clay's item went to a fan for $10,000......not sure who it was but I'm sure we will hear from her. We ate at Ellen's Stardust Diner on 51st and Broadway and what a fun place to eat!!! They have a 50's theme and singing waiters and was great and it was a blast!!!! What more can I say besides.....Thank You Clay.


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