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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids

There was an auction today for Broadway Cares, and as with last time, Clay had something up for auction of which there was a lot of action.

Check out the online bidding that went on until yesterday which was followed up today with the live part of the auction. Don't pay too much attention to the bid on that page, because that was surpassed at the live auction, for sure.

This is the listing:

Item Number L-33

Item Description

You and a guest will receive VIP House Seats to see the return of Clay Aiken in the Tony Award-winning musical, SPAMALOT. After the show, you’ll go backstage where he will give you a special behind-the scenes tour. You will also have the opportunity to have your photo taken with Clay and get his autograph. Go home today with a SPAMLOT poster, autographed by Clay and the cast when he was in the show earlier this year.

COURTESY OF Cheryl Jacobsen & Clay Aiken with special thanks to Allison Lee.

I started watching the auction online around 4:45pm and luckily there was a chat room as well connected to the sight, and I don't have to tell you that it was loaded with other Clay fans trying to watch the action. We all hoped that when they got to Item #33 that Clay would walk out of the stage door and the place would erupt, but instead when they announced his item, all of a sudden the auctioneer mumbled something about a special guest. The chat room was abuzz, LOL. They went on to the next item and we were sure he was going to come out. However, they went back to his item and no Clay. We found out later that Jerome had walked out of the stage door, and everyone thought that perhaps Clay was soon to follow. Well, that bad boy had positioned himself up in the window, the very same window he climbed out of on his closing night in Spamalot back in January. A fuzzy photo will appear hopefully later tonight. He was up there to watch his auction like a little school kid who was afraid to be seen just in case it didn't go to well. He should know by now that his meet and greets always go well, and this one went especially well, $10,000.

As reported on the Clayboard:

(caperkeeper @ Sep 21 2008, 05:36 PM) Attention!

butterflyshine just called me with this news: Clay was listening to his item being auctioned! Jerome was apparently outside and she thought we might see Clay but he was inside upstairs (remember the one guy looked up and said someone was 'mooning' them? at least I think that's what he said - that was probably Clay! Not mooning of course! Anyway she says she got a grainy picture of him in the window! A fan did win - butterflyshine wants to let her tell - but Jerome looked at butterflyshine and asked who? She pointed and he nodded ok.

Since I missed the very beginning of the auction, I am not positive, however I do believe Clay's item went for the highest price. Some items sold multiples, so that play actually raised more money but as an individual item Clay's was the highest. The next highest, get this was a walk on role in Wicked, meeting the cast, a signed poster, and several seats in the Orchestra section and dinner, it all went for $8500.

They had a very profitable auction today, and if Clay had just come out there and winked at the bidders, LOL, they may have raised another few thousand. Shame on you Clay, next time don't hide in the rafters...


WeCareToo said...

I love this event and have attended a few times. I'm disappointed that I won't be able to in March but want to wish it a big success!

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