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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clay Sighting at Raleigh Mall

According to nc rocks from Finding Clay Aiken, she was shopping with a friend in Raleigh when Clay came into the store. Here is her story about seeing Clay: PART 1

I came out of the woodwork to share with you a Clay spotting on Thursday. He was shopping at the Street of Southpoint Mall in Durham. There was a young black woman with him and no kids. He was carrying a small bag from Strasburg Children's store when he walked into The Apple Store. He looked around for a few minutes before taking off his sunglasses. He was in there for a while but did not buy anything. Now the important part..... He has changed his hair color again. His hair appeared to be more of a darker blonde shade with some light brown lowlights. It is not as blonde as the end of Spamalot and I didnt see any red tint at all. He appeared to be having a good day with a friend. Now, I'm going back to lurking and stalking.
I was in the store with a friend of mine. She is on her 3rd I -phone and is still having problems. I was checking out the door and planning my escape from the store when he came in. I was excited but no one else seemed to care. The worker helping my friend said he comes in every now and then. He had on tan long shorts. His shirt was a button down but It was not long sleeves. He had on slip on tennis shoes that looked like the old converse but updated and they didnt have laces. I was trying hard not to let on that I was watching him.
My friend was making fun of me because I was so excited and she said she would never let me live it down because I went to see Spamalot. I just wanted to share with someone who could get as excited as I was yesterday.
No word on who he was with, what he was buying, or how long his hair is.


Ashes said...


It's nice to see CDD active again.

Nancy said...

I think that store is short one employee- ME!!!!!! NBuck

Sandy said...

Hi Jan!

You're doing a great job on CDD!

I'm glad it's back!!

(Sandy on OFC)

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