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Monday, June 23, 2008

Carolina On My Mind Blogs About OMWH As It "Chugs Up The Charts"

If you are like me, you have been watching various music sites as the songs from On My Way Here are slowly climbing their charts. AOL songs and videos is a perfect example of this. OMWH is dominating the top songs at AOL. Like the Little Engine That Could or the tortoise who began the race slow yet still beat the hare, OMWH is doing great things right now.

Carolina On My Mind has written a blog that tells us just what OMWH is doing at some of the online sites. Read her blog below and then click on the links that lead you to those sites. And while there, give Clay's songs and videos a hit and listen to some really great music!

'Little Engine That Could'

OMWH Songs Chug Up Charts

"On My Way Here," the lead single on Clay Aiken's new CD, has aptly been dubbed "the little engine that could" by Internet fans. Slowly but surely, the song and others from On My Way Here are chugging their way through a host of music industry charts, as well as into the hearts of many new fans.

Cagney1950 of Clayversity reported 120 Mainstream AC spins for "On My Way Here" Sunday morning, a +17 over last week and .235 audience impression. The song is currently #27 on the Mainstream AC Chart "with a lovely red bullet." Saturday the song #29 on the Mainstream AC Jump chart with +13 spins.

For the week ending June 12, "Ashes" was #9 on Billboard's Top 10 Video Streams, moving up from #20 the previous week.

Clickable AOL Top 11

"OMWH" and "Ashes" are currently #1 and #3 on the AOL Top 11 Music Video Countdown AND in the "most viewed" videos listing at AOL. [NOTE: "Ashes" moved to #2 Monday morning.]

At AOL Music, "On My Way Here" continues to hold its stronghold as the #1 "most played" song in all genres. At 3 p.m. Sunday, seven other OMWH songs were listed in the top 24, including "Ashes", 3; "Everything I Don't Need," 6; "Falling," 10; "As Long as We're Here," 11; "Something About Us," 19; "Lover All Alone," 22; and "Weight of the World," 24.

This list changes constantly and currently represents 509 songs. To join other CA fans streaming, listening, and viewing at AOL and Yahoo, use these links:

* Audio song tracks: AOL Music
* Five-song video performance: AOL Sessions
* OMWH video at Yahoo Music.


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