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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tidbits 5/18

  • - top albums this week
  • Associated Press write up about Idol -
    Lythgoe maintains that even before Sanjaya Malakar became a topic of discussion, he and fellow producers realized the show was "losing focus" and needed to give precedence to the contest and follow-ups on past finalists like Barrino and Clay Aiken.
  • Lawrence Journal World & News - is it time for Idol to call it quits?
    But falling in love was such an easy thing ˚to do. Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken were my first, my last, my everything. I laughed at all of Ryan Seacrest’s jokes. My love he didn’t need to coax. I even saw Simon Cowell in my dreams once. (But he wouldn’t stop insulting me, so it was more of a nightmare. He’s so vain, he probably thinks this column is about him.)
  • The Murfreesboro Post definitely needs to hire a fact checker. It's Taylor Hicks and Clay didn't win!
    Taylor Swift and Clay Aiken, were winners and now very successful. Simon Cowel is a curmudgeon-y judge.
  • Zanesville Times Recorder - winning Idol isn't a guarantee of success -
    Winning the title is no guarantee of success. Ruben Stoddard, who won in 2003, has been far less successful than Clay Aiken, the runner-up that year. Cook probably would be a bigger star on his own terms than if he were managed by the "Idol" brain trust.
  • Denver Post -
    The biggest post-show winner on the male side is Chris Daughtry, who nailed down a mammoth base of fans with his mainstream FM rock band Daughtry in the past two years. Clay Aiken remains popular with the Claymates — err, his fans — and others who appreciate his earnest, if tepid, vocal compositions.
  • Denver Post - another one ...
    But what about "Idol's" role in creating the next great pop music artists? Are Kelly, Clay, Ruben and Jordin the next John, Paul, George and Ringo? Or are they merely the next, well, Paula Abdul?
  • OCALA - it's David vs. David on Idol 7 finale this week -
    "Archuleta is as cute as a button," Blakeslee said. "He has a huge voice, and he will certainly go far, particularly with his high energy and sincerity." Judge Randy Jackson called Archuleta "the one to beat." Archuleta may be the most appealing and likeable "Idol" finalist since Clay Aiken.
  • andPOP - Taylor Hicks headed to Broadway -
    The Alabama-born singer isn't the first "Idol" alum to take on Broadway. Season three winner Fantasia Burrino had a critically acclaimed run as Celie in "The Color Purple," while Clay Aiken and Constantine Maroulis have done "Spamalot" and "The Wedding Singer," respectively.
  • the Star Online -the collision of two Davids -
    And that’s why – at the great risk of being called a wuss by all and sundry – I really would like to see David Archuleta win. And if he doesn’t ... well, you know, Clay Aiken is far more famous than Ruben Studdard ever was.
  • - Idol...
    In Johns’ case, he’s very definitely a potential singing star, despite his unexpected defeat. Some fans even think he had a good shot at the title, so his departure came much too soon for comfort. Well, other “rejects” like Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken have bounced back in a big way, so Michael Johns can still make it on his own. Ditto for Smithson and Amanda Overmyer, who have niche (rock) appeal going for them.
  • Columbus Dispatch - this week in entertainment history - "2003: Ruben Studdard barely beats out Clay Aiken to win Fox's second American Idol competition."
CDD Blogwatch
  • Clay - The Man - Clay still "the best"
  • The ConCLAYve - some thoughts on Clay's "Sacrificial Love" -
    When Clay Aiken released his latest album called On My Way Here, I had it on constant repeat. It's easily his best work and one of the best pop albums I've heard in awhile. There are great uptempo numbers but there are a couple of ballads that immediately created a DWTS picture in my head. A rhumba to Something About Us and a beautiful waltz to Sacrificial Love. The song is heartache personified.


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