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Saturday, May 24, 2008

"On My Way Hair" Anyone?? - A Fun Quiz

So you think you know all of Clay's hair styles over the last 5 years? You could pick out a 2003 style with no problem. Or, hmmm, maybe that one was actually from 2004. And could you tell where Clay was when he wore his hair like that? Well, now's your chance to find out just how much you really do know about Clay's always-changing hair styles.

NZ volCLAYno has just such a quiz to test your "hair smarts" at The Clayboard. She tells us:

This is one of a couple of picture quizzes that I put together for the New Zealand fans' annual meet up last year. Unfortunately we weren't able to use it due to a computer malfunction, but I thought it might be a fun diversion now that our miraculous, four month stream of fresh clack is over. We have been so spoiled, and those withdrawal symptoms set in pretty quickly!

As there are 20 two-part questions, you'll end up with a score out of 40. Usually you'll be asked to identify the year, TV show, which Tour or the special event. The pictures have been photo shopped, so all you'll have to go on is the hair. The last question is very hard, so I'll be very impressed if anyone manages to get that one right!
Below are the first five hair styles for you to try to guess both the year and where Clay was (which tour, event, or TV show). After you finish these five, click on "The Clayboard" link in the first paragraph above and finish the quiz at the thread there. Scroll down toward the bottom of Page 1 of the thread for the link to the correct answers.

Good luck. Here are the first questions:

1a - Year?
1b - TV Show?

2a - Year?
2b - Event?

3a - Year?
3b - TV Show?

4a - Year?
4b - Tour?

5a - Year?
5b - TV Show?

Now, click the link above and head over to the Clayboard to finish the quiz.


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