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Sunday, May 25, 2008

"On My Way Here" Played on Music Choice Site

I was introduced today to a new site online called "Music Choice" by Claygal at The Clayboard . Claygal got my attention by saying:

Just tuned in to Music Choice channel and lo and behold heard the familiar intro chords to OMWH!! Ahh, I was totally unprepared for this as I had just made an online request to hear OMWH and decided to listen to what was being played. They don't have any of his current photos they seem to be ones from 2003, but at least the audience got a listen!! OMWH was played under "Lite Hits".

Some of my friends turn on Music Choice as background music for their parties as there's a variety under that genre, and it's free!!
"OMWH" and "free" -- two words I love!! So I went to Music Choice to check it out. Music Choice says about themselves:
Music Choice® is simply the best music you can enjoy in your home or business. We want to be your music source. We program more than 50 channels of commercial-free music for listeners of all ages and interests.
They have every music genre imaginable, even one under "Pop" called "Kidz Only".

I found "Lite Hits" by clicking on Music Channels/Pop/Lite Hits, or to make it easier for our readers, by clicking here: Lite Hits. The first thing I found after this was awesome. OMWH was #3 in last week's top ten! Here is the list which you will find on the right side of the "Lite Hits" page:

There is also a place on the left side of the page for "Viewer Feedback". Any comments or suggestions can be left here. Now, we don't want to totally bombard them with Clay requests, so it might be best to be as short and sweet as possible when asking for Clay's songs to be played.

Unfortunately for me, the next thing I found when I went to look for how to get the music to play was that I couldn't figure it out. I checked the Frequently Asked Questions and found this:
Q. How do I login to the Music Choice site?
A. To login to the Music Choice site, please enter the same email address and password that you use to login to your cable high-speed Internet provider’s web site. We work directly with our cable partners to allow this feature. Please contact your cable provider if you do not know your email address and password. We do not register new users on our site at this time. You must be a high-speed internet customer of Comcast, Cox, Road Runner/Time Warner, or Conway to login to the site.
Since I'm not a customer of any of these companies, I can't log in. But most of you should be able to, any other questions you may have should be able to be answered here as well.

Music Choice is also on TV. There is more information about this at their "Television" page.

This looks to be a great site for OMWH to be played. Check it out and let's see if we can't get Clay's songs played here!


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