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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Poughkeepsie Reporter Sean McMann's Story To Appear December 7; Looking For Fans Going to Poughkeepsie Show To Talk To

Poughkeepsie Journal reporter Sean McMann is the new best friend to Clay fans. First, he writes a great, positive blog about Clay with lots of good information; second, he lets Clay fans write in questions for Clay; and third, he reads Clay's Daily Double!! What more can we ask for?? Well, we didn't ask for it, but Sean has some more good news for us.

Before I tell you the news, I want to apologize to Sean for mispelling his name in one of last week's articles. How could I do that after he's been so supportive to Clay and his fans! Its been corrected and it won't happen again.

Now for the news. Sean is looking for some fans to talk to for his story, which will be out on December 7. Sean told CDD this:

My story will appear in the Journal on Friday, Dec. 7, the day before Clay comes here to Poughkeepsie. Anyone heading to the Poughkeepsie show can e-mail me at, as I'm looking for fans to speak with for the Dec. 7 story.
So if you are going to the Poughkeepsie concert, be sure to email Sean at so you can talk to him about Clay, the concert, whatever he wants to talk about!!

And also check out Sean's blog, Sean's Space again. I love his blog from December 1. Here's a bit of it:
I've got to give a big thanks to all the Clay Aiken fans who have responded to "Sean's Space" since Wednesday night, shattering the single-day record for hits to the blog!...Having posted Clay's answers to your questions right at midnight Thursday night, I waited to see who'd come back to read the post. The response was amazing! Between midnight 12 a.m. Friday morning and 11:59 p.m., you devoted Claymates jammed "Sean's Space," breaking my previous one-day total for visitors to the blog by 225 percent!"
Yep, that sounds pretty typical for Clay fans! You might want to check out Sean's Space throughout the week. In a blog last week, he said:
C'mon back here to "Sean's Space" throughout the week for more on Clay's upcoming show here in Poughkeepsie on Dec. 8.
Thanks Sean. We're looking forward to reading what you have to say about Clay and his upcoming concert.


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