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Friday, December 07, 2007

94.7 WMAS-FM Interviews Clay

94.7 WMAS-FM in Springfield, MA interviewed Clay this morning ahead of his December 9 date at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.

CDD's Clayscience21 recapped the interview for us, which you can now download from ClackUnlimited:

DJ went through list of Clay's accomplishments - music, every TV show imaginable, hosting TV shows, book, President's committee.

Clay laughed and responded that he hasn't won an Academy award like Jennifer Hudson.

DJ mentioned Clay's screaming fans. Clay mentioned he's confused about fans sticking around since he laughs at himself since no one said his name 5 years ago.

DJ said he was a friend of Clay's mom and that she said that people had cut out pieces of her lawn. Clay said that they got her more security and that his mom was more guarded now (not inviting people in).

Talked about Fifth grader show. Clay mentioned that their goal was to raise money for 100 summer camps, and that they were well on their way since he was now smarter than a third grader.

DJ asked for the TBAF website and Clay gave the site name.

DJ asked about who from idol that Clay stays in touch with - Clay mentioned he stays in touch with Kelly since they toured together and were friends; stayed in touch with Ruben who would be doing something for Unicef in the coming week. Stayed in touch with Kim Locke.

Doesn't watch idol much anymore. Analogy to idol being like high school. Once you leave, you don't go back.

Spamalot Jan 18-May 4 (didn't say much else)

Mom is going on Unicef trip to observe.

Asked if he would open a restaurant like Kim L, Ruben, Taylor. Clay was confused and thought they meant eating at a restaurant. When they clarified, he said no, no, no, joked about maybe a Krispy Kreme franchise.

The DJ promoed the Mohegan Sun concert.


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