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Friday, November 30, 2007

Reporter Sean McMann Interviews Clay, Uses Fan Questions Sent In

On Wednesday, November 28, Clay's Daily Double had a story entitled Send in Your Questions For Clay To Poughkeepsie Reporter Sean McMann and He May Pick It To Ask Clay! In this story, we told you that Sean McMann from The Poughkeepsie Journal would be interviewing Clay and wanted fans to send in their questions for him.

Sean got over 100 questions sent to him by fans, and since then he has interviewed Clay and used three of the questions he received. These questions are included in the November 29th edition of Sean's Space Some of what Sean has to say about the fan questions in his blog is:

With such diversity to choose from, I tried to pick a cross-section. I had 10 readers’ submissions selected to ask Clay, but when he gave such heart-felt and thoughtful answers (you’ll see with the first one), we just ran out of time and could only to get three of your questions.
And about Clay:
Still, Clay was very giving with his time. I was similarly very appreciative of his generosity, thoughtfully answering both my questions for the upcoming Poughkeepsie Journal story and your questions.
Check out the rest of the article to see whose fan questions Sean chose to ask Clay. And Sean will be preparing his article about Clay's interview to be published around December 10. Thanks to Sean for a great article and for allowing the fans to take part in his interview with Clay!


Sean T. McMann said...

It's actually Sean McMann ... not McCann as the headline reads.

Also, my story will appear in the Journal on Friday, Dec. 7, the day before Clay comes here to Poughkeepsie. Anyone heading to the Poughkeepsie show can e-mail me at, as I'm looking for fans to speak with for the Dec. 7 story.

Thanks for the shout-out, though.

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