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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Clay Sightings In Wichita

According to a thread at The Clayboard, Clay was seen in Wichita and a fan sat by Angela on the airplane. Here are those reports:

From Marilyn at the CV

Talking to KSChristian4Clay and she iand Puddinsjoy are in Wichita. She was just at the church and someone dropped off Clay, Jerome and Mary. Clay was wearing jeans, a primary color striped shirt and his bucket hat. Meesa said he looked really skinny.
Also from happyclayday at the CV :

clayperfect just called me from work. A friend of hers going to Wichita for the concert was on a flight today and sat with Angela. She said Angela is very excited. Angela told her that Clay is happy and excited and she also said to bring plenty of kleenex - they will be needed for these stories.
More news posted by Hcorbett10 at The Clayboard:

I have a bit of 'soft news' about the songs-in-the-works to share w/ you all that may help put a bit more excitement into your evening....if you are already excited enough.

Jesse has been kept busy since the SRHP tour by Clay. He has 6 songs he has to orchestrate by the end of November for Clay. Angela, Quiana are both getting a song, & Clay is adding 2 songs. Jesse could not tell me off the top of his head what those songs are, but did say (after a bit of thinking) that these are new material that wasn't in the Xmas tours before, mostly standards. Plus, there will be medleys. Clay sure do love them medleys.

There will be 2 buses. The dogs are coming on tour - so the group will be split btwn the 2 buses.
More from CH:

We actually saw he and Jerome walking out of his hotel to the bus (we're staying at the same place), which then drove to the church and we assume dropped them off there. We did see Mary sitting out front of the church, but didn't see Clay. We went to supper and on our way back to the hotel a couple hours later, noticed that the bus was still parked at the church's main entrance, so wonder if they might have attended evening services, as well as rehearsing some. Wearing bucket hat and horizontal, inch-wide-striped, primary-colored shirt I haven't seen before (very tight-fitting), faded blue jeans & sneaks. What little we saw looked very good! It was great to see him, if only a glimpse! He was slim, but in a very good way *g*.
From SmartyPantsSuz at CV via lindylo at CH:

When we got back from church today, both busses were in our parking lot. I've never stayed in his hotel before so I was a wee bit excited, however, shortly after we got there, one of the busses pulled up by the other one. Clay got off one bus and walked to the other one. He had on jeans and a hoodie under a jacket. No bucket hat at this point. The hair didn't look too long--a liitle longer than the collar, but did look lighter than it did in Vegas. That was across the parking lot, though, so I could be wrong. He came back to his bus and it drove across the street to another hotel. So close, and yet so far! ... we walked back toward the hotel. As we approached, we saw Clay's bus drive up. We didn't want to intrude, so we circled the field in front of the hotel and came back around. We saw Jerome and someone get out of the bus and take the dogs over to the field. I couldn't tell who it was, but as we got closer (not really close) Jerome and the person started walking to the side of the building where it was lighter. At that point I could tell it was Clay. He still had the stripped top and bucket hat on. We gave them ample time to get to the side of the building without getting too close, but as we passed the bus, Jamie walked in front of us and into the hotel. So - Clay is safely tucked away for the night, resting up for the start of the tour tomorrow. The bus is back in our parking lot...


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