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Friday, November 09, 2007

Progress Report - New Album - New Song Recorded

Clay recorded a song called "Forget I Even Knew You" by LA/Toronto based songwriter Greg Critchley, according to his MySpace page biography. We don't have the lyrics yet, but it sure is exciting to see the new album taking shape.

Greg Critchley - songwriter
from his MySpace Bio:
Cuts so far in 2007 include Clay Aiken ("Forget I Ever Knew You"), Brett Ryan, ("She's Beautiful" CAPITOL USA), Stradio ("Stay" UNIVERSAL), One Life To Live ("A Night To Remember")

from his MySpace blog date 8/7/07:
I took "FORGET I EVER KNEW YOU" down because it is now officially on hold with Clay Aiken, who just finished recording it. This is amazing news for me, and it's also positive feedback on my journey, since it was written entirely alone.

from MySpace blog of Brent Paschke...
Forget I Ever Knew You
Current mood: rejuvenated
Category: Music

This is a song Greg Critchley wrote. I met Greg when I first moved to L.A. in May of '06. I've now played on several of his demos and we're now also starting to co-write some songs together.

Greg is not only an incredibly talented musician but I also consider Greg to be one of my best friends here in L.A. He's a very insightful guy and has been a great friend and inspiration for me not only as a musician but also as a single guy in the biggest and most competitive music capital in the world.

Greg usually co-writes but he's recently written a few songs on his own. He called me to play guitar on this one in October. I told Greg that I thought it was one of the best songs he'd ever written. Greg and I recently went through the same situation in our life and this was Greg's reflection on his situation. I feel his lyrics in this song are incredible and they ring very true to how I'm feeling in my life at this point also.
I wanted to put this one up because I was very touched by this song and it's lyrics and I feel it came through in my performance.


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